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Great Place to Work

We are delighted to announce PREMIER SUITES certification as a Great Place to WorkGreat places to work take a lot of dedication and teamwork by individuals and a commitment to doing the right thing by the management and company policies, something our parent company PREM Group take pride in. . We are nothing without our dedicated workforce and happy employees lead to a better stay for our guests. Great Place to Work Certification is part of our commitment to Failte Ireland’s Employer Excellence Programme, improving workplaces within the hospitality industry which is often known as a challenging employment path.

Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work is a framework for certification by a specific body of the same name. The aim is to build a high-trust workplace culture, measure employee experience, and give recognition to companies and businesses that meet their high criteria. They utilise decades of experience and expertise by a team of professionals to create a survey for employees, giving an insight into exactly what is important to them in the workplace and how our company values compare to their personal values. Larger organisations provide details about the company culture and programmes available which are compared to the overall experience of the employees. The survey results are processed, and an overall score is provided to the employer alongside actionable insights and tips on how to improve if needed. The certification is awarded to employers with a satisfaction score over 65% or higher.

 What makes a Great Place to Work

While individual ideas of what makes a workplace great vary from person to person, there are many common factors. Some ideologies and principles that make a great place to work include:

      • A positive work culture. Making employees feel comfortable, appreciated and heard within the workplace.

      • Innovation is important within a company. Finding ways to make jobs easier saves the company money, saves unnecessary time for employees, and positively impacts the company culture.

      • A focus on upward mobility within specific roles is important so employees can further their experience and usefulness within the business. This might mean exposure and training in other departments or an external certification to further their knowledge and skills.

      • Investment in employees is a big factor in employee satisfaction. Staff should feel fairly financially compensated for the work they do. Other non-salary related perks are also important, such as flexible working hours and locations, bonuses, and benefits like staff discounts.

      • Employers should embrace diversity within the workplace, creating a multicultural, varied workplace. Employers should recognise the value of employees with varying cultures, races and creeds and the depth that brings to a workforce.

    A Word From Our Manager, Pauline Ray

    We are over the moon to be recognised as a Great Place To Work. Our teams were asked to complete a confidential survey measuring their trust in management and also their feelings about the job itself and their colleagues. The predominant sentiment was that here at PREMIER SUITES Dublin, we have a positive ‘people-centred’ culture and we work hard to nurture and maintain this. This score is a true reflection of the great efforts made by our team who shape the work environment into a place where respect, credibility, fairness, camaraderie, and pride can flourish. Of course, there is always room to improve, and we will carefully review all aspects of feedback identifying opportunities for us to become an even better place to work. The hotel industry can be perceived as a less attractive place to work so we are delighted that our team find their employment to be engaging and rewarding. It’s also very pleasing to see many other hotels in Ireland achieve this certification, recognising our wonderful employees and the vital role they have in looking after our guests.’

    A Great Place to Stay

    Our accommodation in Dublin is not only a great place to work, but a great place to stay too. We have guest-focused initiatives, powered by our team, that enhance the guest experience and add to our positive CSR strategy. Some examples include the PS Life website, our wellness program aimed at reducing loneliness and the negative effects of travel on our healthy habits. We also have ‘A Friendly Face in a New Space’, where guests and team members can sit and chat over a cup of tea, making our guests feel at home. PREMIER SUITES also has a green strategy, aimed at reducing our impact on the environment and promoting sustainability.

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