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Bringing home life a little closer


Travel just got better

We know that travelling can be stressful and our guests can miss their home comforts and usual routine. While we could never replace the feeling of stepping into your own home, we’ve introduced a few little touches to help make life at PREMIER SUITES as close to your own home life as possible.

Suite Litle VIPs

Everyone's welcome!

Parents, this one’s for you! Specially designed to cater to the needs of our youngest guests and to save you luggage space as you travel!

A Friendly Face in a New Space

Bringing home a little closer

It can be daunting to relocate to a new city, particularly when you’re travelling alone. If you’re staying with us for an extended period, we’ll help you get settled in. 

We’ll invite you for a coffee and we can get to know each other a little better. We can answer any questions you might have about the neighbourhood, transport or anything at all really… 

In the past, we’ve been able to introduce guests to each other, some came from the same city and had lots in common, and some had worked for the same company but had never even met! 

Solo Travel

Peace of mind when travelling solo

We want you to feel safe and secure during your stay. We understand that being far away from home, especially when alone, can cause anxiety and stress. With this in mind, we’ve introduced ‘Solo by PREMIER SUITES’ to help you feel safe and secure during your stay. We’ve highlighted key areas of security and introduced additional precautionary measures to help you feel protected at all times.

Pet Friendly

Our furry friends

We love to welcome your pets just as much as we love to welcome you! After all, pets are a big part of our lives, and no-one likes leaving their furry friends behind when travelling for extended periods of time. Whether you’re travelling for work, pleasure or a little bit of both, make the most of your next trip by bringing your pet along to stay. 

PS Social

We’re Social!​

PS Social invites guests to in-house events, bringing our guests and teams together to create a corporate community within PREMIER SUITES.


Your wellness journey

It’s important that we help you maintain your healthy eating and fitness routines while travelling, regardless of location, abilities or time constraints. Our vision is to facilitate, support and inspire you in gaining improved health and wellbeing when travelling away from home and outside of your usual routine.

Homegrown Greens

Growing our own

Homegrown Greens brings the outdoors indoors, with a unique selection of freshly grown herbs for you to pick.

Homegrown Greens is available at select PREMIER SUITES locations. Full of fresh, homegrown herbs and in some cases salad and vegetables too! Available for you to pick and use for cooking in your apartment.


Working towards a more inclusive environment​

We are delighted to partner with Mobility Mojo who specialise in auditing and rating the accessibility of hotels and serviced apartments globally.

Not only do we audit our properties for wheelchair accessibility, we also rate other areas including voice announcements in our lifts, braille letters on buttons, subtitles on TVs and alarm cords in bedrooms for emergency assistance. When you visit each property’s website, you will find a link to their accessibility rating which can range from bronze to platinum standard.

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