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Why Serviced Apartments are better than Airbnb

There’s no denying that Airbnb gives you plenty of options when considering where to stay on your next trip to Reading. They offer a flexible location and a huge range of property types and their prices are varied to reflect the standard of property you are staying in. It seems too good to be true and unfortunately, it is! Here are the reasons why you should choose serviced apartment over an Airbnb every time.


When you book an Airbnb, you are essentially staying in someone’s home, either with them or renting it from them. The property may be a central and spacious apartment or a cold, old house on the outskirts of town. These homes were not built for the purpose of taking in many guests. Each time you choose an Airbnb over an established brand serviced apartment, you are accepting less than the best. When you stay in PREMIER SUITES in Reading, or in any of our other properties, you are guaranteed the same consistent standards, comfort, style and city centre location, every single time.


Another risk you take when you choose an Airbnb is their standards. There are no safety, cleanliness or fire safety standards set out by Airbnb for the hosts to adhere to, making some of the properties a safety risk should the worst happen. When you stay in a serviced apartment you can be 100% sure that all of our fire safety equipment is fully checked and tested to the highest standard. All of our staff are trained and in the event of an evacuation and are ready and able to help. If the worst should happen, you can be assured you’re your safety is our top priority, over any material or property. Another un-monitored standard of Airbnb properties is the cleanliness. We all know how much one person’s idea of clean varies from another, sometimes the difference is starkly obvious! No guidelines are given to hosts as to how to or how often to clean the room and there is no requirement to hire a professional cleaner. When you stay in any of our properties, you can be certain that each room has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected by a member of our highly-trained, professional housekeeping team, every single time.


Have you ever met an Airbnb host? Have you had any friendly conversations with a host or gotten expert advice on where to go to see the best of the city? Ever had to complain about a host or property for bad conditions or service? Meeting your host is a luxury we aren’t often afforded, which makes the standard of service quite low. If you need any sort of help or advice in PREMIER SUITES Reading, our friendly team are always happy to help. If you have any questions, comments or complaints, we will deal with them promptly and professionally.

If you are considering a quick or extended trip to Reading, consider PREMIER SUITES Reading as your best bet for accommodation. Our consistent high standards and friendly service are second to none. Make sure you always book directly with us for our guaranteed best available rate.


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