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Why serviced apartments are better than Airbnb

With the huge increase in accommodation available all over the world, we now have a lot more control over where we stay and exactly what we want from the property we rent. Airbnb is a great way to see a place from a local’s perspective and offers a great variety of overnight rates to suit all budgets, but what sacrifices must you make for a low price?

Here are some of the main differences between an established serviced apartment like PREMIER SUITES and an Airbnb


With no quality standards in place between Airbnb and the host, choosing a place to stay is more of a lucky dip. This may not matter if you are simply looking for a place to rest your head for a few hours but for a longer term, or business trip, the high-quality accommodation offered by PREMIER SUITES is hugely important. These high standards are applied to every aspect of your stay, from the top-notch reception service to the hand towels.

Our serviced apartments are quality assured and regularly checked and inspected to ensure every guest of ours has a fantastic and very comfortable stay

Standards – Fire & Safety

As with quality standards, there are no general or fire safety standards expected of Airbnb properties. It is entirely up to the host what the level of security is in their property, meaning your self or your property may be at risk. Most worryingly of all, there are no fire safety standards or requirements required to let your property. Here at PREMIER SUITES, you are our top priority at all time, over any property or material goods. That’s why our buildings are fully safety checked, our fire safety equipment is regularly tested, and all of our staff are frequently trained and able to help with an evacuation should the worst happen.


Airbnb’s are everywhere whereas serviced apartments are a limited supply but just like a really good restaurant menu, better to have fewer options really well done than many sub-standard ones! Airbnb property types vary from shared rooms to entire houses. You may have access to a full kitchen, a small hot plate & fridge or have no kitchen facilities at all. You could get lucky and have a well-located, spacious place to stay or be stuck in a dingy room, too far from the city. When you book a serviced apartment, you are guaranteed a consistent standard of service, comfort and style every single time.


While we are on the topic of standards, everyone knows how varied people’s standards are when it comes to cleanliness. One person’s version of clean is sub-par to another! Airbnb hosts are not required to have their properties cleaned professionally, there aren’t even guidelines on how often to change the bed.

Compare that to PREMIER SUITES team of highly trained and professional housekeepers who clean each suite from top to bottom after every single stay, ensuring each guest has a spotlessly clean stay whether they are here for a day or a month. Sure, Airbnb may be slightly cheaper but when you consider how much you are sacrificing, is it really worth it?

To book your stay in one of PREMIER SUITES Glasgow’s stylish and comfortable suites today, call our friendly reservations team. Always remember to book direct for our lowest rates, guaranteed!

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