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Relax and unwind with PREMIER SUITES Life

Travelling and being away from home can be stressful. That’s why at PREMIER SUITES, we are committed to helping our guests feel as ‘at home’ as possible. That’s why we have created PREMIER SUITES Life, a wellbeing website specifically aimed at guests. Our wellbeing policies include allowing your pets to join you for long term stays, encouraging you to get out and explore our local area or exercising and preparing meals in the comfort of your serviced apartment. If you find yourself overwhelmed, why not visit our PREMIER SUITES Life page and learn how our guided meditation videos can help.


We understand that you may be missing home comforts, your usual routine and may be feeling more tense than usual while on the road. While we could never replace the feeling of being in your own home, we’ve introduced a few ideas to help make life at PREMIER SUITES as comfortable and as close to home as possible.

We have introduced many new initiatives such as healthy eating advice and programmes, home workouts including strength and conditioning training that requires no previous experience or equipment and a very special PS wellbeing programme which includes professional guided meditation sessions.

Our Wellbeing programme in all of our locations offers:

Fresh towels
Drinking water
Fresh fruit
Local running maps with QR codes
Mobility and resistance exercise cards
Videos created by our certified personal trainer Ronan Mee, for guests to complete in the comfort of their apartment
Yoga mats (available for purchase)
Affiliation with healthy eating restaurants

PREMIER SUITES Wellbeing Meditation Videos

Meditation has many proven benefits for your health and mind including stress reduction, improved concentration, lower blood pressure, reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression, emotional wellbeing, increased self-awareness and improved overall health. We encourage all of our guests to make use of these short videos during and after their stay, ideally once every day.

You can meditate anywhere, in bed, sitting on the couch, while in the shower or on the bus to work and you don’t need any equipment. We recommend you try different styles of meditation until you find the style that works for you. If you have completed all of our videos, there is a wealth of additional guided meditations available online for free.

Work out in your home from home

At PREMIER SUITES we understand the importance of keeping active when on the road. We also understand that running is not for everyone, especially with the unpredictable weather in Reading! So, along with personal trainer Ronan Mee, we have come up with some excellent mobility and resistance exercise to help keep you on track while you’re staying with us. This easy to follow programme is designed for all levels of ability and can be tailored to each individual’s level of fitness. Follow along with our fitness videos or download the exercise cards to complete the exercises at your own pace. We also offer a range of mobility exercises and stretches, for those who need to loosen up without breaking a sweat.

Healthy Eating

We all know that working out and staying active is not enough to keep us healthy or help us lose weight. That’s why we have combined our wellness and exercise programmes with a healthy eating guide. Homegrown Greens was started in the past couple of years, providing fresh, homegrown herbs, and in some cases salad and vegetables, to all of our guests in PREMIER SUITES to use when cooking in your apartment. We have also included a healthy recipe guide in case you need inspiration and a guide to local, healthy restaurants if you don’t! Tag us on social media if you try any of our tasty recipes at home.

Our PREMIER SUITES Life website is an excellent source of information from wellness to diet and exercise and we encourage all of our guests to make use of it during your stay and beyond. However, we strongly recommend you consult with a physician before you undertake any new exercise regime and PREMIER SUITES does not accept responsibility for any injury caused while partaking in our exercise programmes.

To book our best available rates, remember to always book directly with PREMIER SUITES Reading via our website or our friendly team. We look forward to welcoming you to our aparthotel in Reading and wish you a safe and pleasant stay.



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