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New Year New Me

After the overindulgence that comes with Christmas, January is the perfect time to reset. It’s a tough month, with cold weather, less social contact and tighter budgets so don’t deny yourself the finer things in life, just take everything in moderation. If you’re lucky enough to be spending your January in PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments in Bristol, check our PREMIER SUITES Life website for guidance on exercise, meals and healthy recipes, guided meditation and much more.


We could all do with increasing our daily exercise after a cold, wet December spent in front of the fire. Getting outside enjoying a brisk walk for just 20-minutes a day will have a huge impact on your daily step count, your heart wellness and your overall fitness levels. But what if it’s too dark or wet to go for a walk or run? We have you covered. We have teamed up with expert personal trainers and come up with an excellent at-home training programme. We have recorded videos demonstrating each exercise so you know exactly how to perform each movement safely. There are a mixture of mobility exercise (perfect for those working from home) and resistance exercises. We also have a list of local gyms and running routes to choose from.


Everyone should know the 80:20 rule. Getting fit and staying healthy is 80% food and 20% exercise. If you’re at a loss and don’t know where to start your New Year, New Me food journey, take a look at our dedicated recipe page. We have ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks… and not a plate of rabbit food in sight. Our recipes are perfect for those who love a warming, flavourful meals with ingredients that you can find in the local shop but don’t have a lot of time to cook. Don’t forget, each of our serviced apartments has a family-sized kitchen as standard, complete with everything you need to store, prepare and enjoy meals in your own time. We’ll also help you arrange delivery and put away an online shop before you arrive so everything is ready to go when you get here.


With all of the madness in the world, it’s so easy to forget to give ourselves a break. We are advocates of minding your mind and the first step on that journey is to try guided meditation. Meditation has many proven benefits for your health and mind including stress reduction, control of anxiety, emotional health, increased self-awareness and improved overall health. You can meditate anywhere, from the bus to the bedroom and there is no need for any equipment. We have a selection of guided meditation videos for you to try in your own time. If our videos don’t suit you, don’t give up! Check YouTube for a million more ways to practise mindfulness in a way that suits you.

Dry January

In recent times, Dry January has become a huge trend, encouraging people to fully cut out alcohol from their diets. Cutting down on alcohol has many benefits including better focus and concentration, lower calorie intake and the obvious – no hangovers! We think January is tough enough and while reducing your alcohol intake is always a good idea, we think you deserve a treat. That’s why when you book directly on our website, we will give you a complimentary bottle of wine as a welcome gift!


Everything in moderation should be a motto for January and that includes exercise, alcohol and treats. Removing everything you love to eat and drink and starting a strenuous exercise routine is unsustainable in the long term and will only end in failure. Make small changes to your day which together will add up to a new, healthier lifestyle with minimal effort of your part. Try to build up your stamina for exercise by adding a couple of minutes to your walk or a couple of new of moves on to your workout each day and it will become second nature.

We are excited to start a new year in PREMIER SUITES Bristol, especially now that we have the guidance and expertise of PREMIER SUITES Life to get started. If you’re planning a trip to Bristol and need a home from home to work, live or adventure from, our serviced apartments are ideal for you. Contact our team or book on our official website for our best available rates and special offers.


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