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Why serviced apartments are better than hotels during Covid-19

Finding accommodation has been tough this year. Many hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses have had to close due to lack of demand, restrictions or they are not appropriate for isolation & quarantining. Hotel rooms and other single-room accommodations don’t have the facilities needed for a longer-term stay & are limiting to guests. Lucky for you, our serviced apartments in Glasgow have been providing ideal accommodation for essential travel throughout 2020 and will continue to do so throughout 2021. We have always been an advocate for serviced apartments over traditional accommodation in Glasgow but it has become even more obvious over the past year.

Why would someone need accommodation during the pandemic?

While our serviced apartments in Glasgow are perfect for leisure travellers and tourists, this year our business has always been a haven for many essential and key workers. Many people continue to travel from overseas for reasons other than leisure and we are happy to offer accommodation in Glasgow and across the UK to all essential travellers. We house people working in hospitals and other essential workers, construction workers, accommodation for film production teams & crew, those undergoing treatment in local hospitals or providing essential care to sick relatives. We also offer an ideal place for those who are ill or who have a sick family member to stay safe and quarantine. We offer the space, flexibility and freedom for essential travellers to stay safe & enjoy a comfortable, home from home experience.

Please note that during lockdowns and depending on government restrictions, we will need evidence of essential work in order to keep our guests and staff as safe as possible.

Why Choose a Serviced Apartment Over a Hotel?

The biggest and most obvious reason is space. If you need to stay with us as part of your job or because you want to keep yourself or your family safe, we offer you the space to make our home, your home. Forget being stuck in a single room, with no access to refrigeration, no space to work or relax and no facilities to cook. Our apartments have a comfortable bedroom, a separate living & dining area, a private & spacious bathroom and all of the storage you could need for your luggage. We are ideal for those relocating to Glasgow, with space to work, play and relax while keeping your valuables and belongings safe and out of the way. 

Each of our apartments in Glasgow has a fully-equipped family-sized kitchen – not a kitchenette – so you have everything you need to take care of yourself. You can cook, store, prepare and eat whatever suits you, whenever takes your fancy. Take full advantage of the fridge and freezer and stock up on essentials so you can take fewer trips to the supermarket. You’ll save money on expensive restaurant bills but still have the option to dine out or order a takeaway. We also have a washer/dryer in each apartment so you won’t need to venture to a communal area.

Value for Money 

Serviced Apartments offer much better value for money per square metre when compared to a hotel.  We also offer some exclusive extras for our guests to enjoy at no extra charge. You can join our loyalty programme, Rewards From Us To You, and earn points for each night you spend with us. We also offer a grocery delivery service so everything you need is ready for you when you get here. All of our guests are encouraged to enjoy our brand new initiative PREMIER SUITES Life, where we have a wealth of health and wellbeing information available. You can be inspired by our recipe pages, enjoy an indoor workout with our instructional videos or exercise cards or treat yourself to some guided meditation, ideal for those with a busy mind. 

Remember our best available rates and special offers are only available when you book directly on our website or with our friendly staff. We also are happy to discuss long stay discounts. Sending best wishes to all of our customers, clients, guests and friends during lockdowns and for the rest of the year. Please us know how we can help to make your stay more comfortable.


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