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Handy travel apps for a stay in Antwerp

Visiting a new city can be daunting, especially one as big and a bustling as Antwerp. Its easy to lose your way, be confused by the language– espeically as we incorporate so many into our daily life – and forget what you are here to do. You’ll most likely carry your smartphone everywhere you go so why not have some useful travel apps to hand to make exploring a little easier. Here are the apps we recommend:

De Lijn app

Let’s start with a practical app, so you can navigate your way through Antwerps public transport system. Public transport in a new city can be very tricky. Do you pay before you get on? Do you need to prepay? Where do I get off? The free De Lijn app answers all of your questions with one click. You can buy tickets, find local stops and map your trip through Antwerp perfectly. It even sends you a handy notification when it’s time to disembarque so you can’t get miss your stop!

Velo app

If you plan to rent a bike in Antwerp (and why wouldn’t you!) the Velo app is your best friend. Velo bikes are a very handy form of public transport in the city and its quicker and cheaper than driving. Hiring a bike is easy; you can buy a day, week or yearly pass and use your user code and password to pick up a bike in a handy location and drop it when you get to where you want to be. You can check availability of bikes, check where the closest bike stand is or check your account using the app. If you don’t want to cycle too far, the app can also direct you to the closest bus or tram stop.

This is Antwerp app

If you’re looking for a personal tour guide you can keep in your pocket, download the ‘This Is Antwerp’ app and make the city your own. The app gives you a wide range of alternative things to do on your visit to Antwerp, most of which have been tried, tested and recommended by a local. The app focuses on four main themes ‘fashion, art, music and life’, making sure you see and do the best in the city. Download the app and uncover a multitude of our hidden gems

Street Art Antwerp app

If you want to learn more about how our colourful city got the abundance of street art and hear some of the stories behind it, the Street Art Antwerp App is a great start. Everywhere you look around the city, in the city, all the way to its outskirts, there is a huge amount of artwork by both renowned and lesser known artists. We love the way the art brightens and shows the character of Antwerp. The app makes sure you see the best of it mapping out the main pieces and the hidden gems.

There are a huge number of apps to help you get the most out of your visit to Antwerp, depending what you’re there for. You can get apps focused on fashion, food or diamonds but you’ll only have one chance to get your accomodation spot on. Choosing PREMIER SUITES PLUS Antwerp is a sure-fire way to get great value for money, a fantastic location and of course our signature PREMIER SUITES warm welcome!

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