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Green Tourism Award

Conversations about sustainability have become part of our everyday lives. If every person made small changes to the way they live, they would add up to a huge change for our environment. Realising the importance of setting a good example and protecting our delicate ecosystem so future generations can enjoy it as we do, PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments in Dublin are working to make sustainable changes to the way we operate. These small changes make no difference to the high standard of care and comfort experienced by our guests but have a positive impact on the property’s energy consumption, production of waste and carbon footprint. Learn more about our serviced apartment accommodation in Dublin and our sustainability efforts on our website.

Green Tourism

Green Tourism are an independently audited organisation that rewards tourism businesses who are actively working to become greener. Their expert advice, eco-development programmes and internationally respected accreditation scheme have helped thousands of businesses get greener, making a huge impact on the environment. Their awards are acknowledged and recognised worldwide as an indicator of good environmentally friendly practices. Being certified allows properties to improve their carbon footprint and attract business from like-minded guests. Their technical experts offer practical advice and support in many aspects of environmental operations. They help to revise outdated processes and procedures, streamlining workflow while allowing us to operate more sustainably. Areas for improvement include;
• Reducing energy use
• Saving water
• Efficient & eco-friendly waste disposal
• Ethical buying
• Staying local & seasonal
• Minimising food miles
• Promoting biodiversity
• Adopting a smart, sustainable outlook


We are delighted to have been independently audited and awarded a bronze certification by Green Tourism. The process has given us plenty of expert advice about where we are doing well and where we can improve. All waste represents an inefficient use of resources and energy. We are committed to reducing the waste, both refuse and energy, produced by our accommodation in Dublin. We review our operating procedures regularly to ensure they are as environmentally friendly as can be. Sourcing responsibly and following guidelines on the correct disposal of waste is also part of our green policy. We believe that awareness and knowledge of the environment is an important part of the process of effective environmental management. As part of our onboarding and continual improvement policies, we provide suitable information and training to our employees to ensure they are able to make informed decisions.

How Can You Help?

While much of the responsibility for becoming a greener accommodation choice in Dublin lies with our property and team, we welcome the assistance of guests. There are many small changes a guest can make to reduce their carbon footprint during their stay in the city including;

Responsible energy usage Simple things like switching off and unplugging appliances when not in use has a big impact on the overall energy usage of the property. Charging your phone for the appropriate time, not leaving it overnight is better for the environment and more fire safe. Turning off heating and cooling systems in the suite when not needed helps too.
Water Conservation. Fresh, clean water is our most valuable natural resource but unfortunately also one of the most wasted. Simple habits like switching off the tap when brushing your teeth or hand-washing dishes will save litres of water. Only run the dishwasher when it’s full and don’t rinse dishes before you load them, the dishwasher will do the hard work for you.
Reduce Waste The less waste that comes into the property, the less we have to dispose of at the end of the day. We should all say no to single-use plastics like bottles, bags and straws which are detrimental to the environment. Choosing loose fruit, veg and groceries instead of unnecessarily wrapped helps too.
Travel Responsibly When you’re travelling, it’s easy to indulge in more wasteful ways of getting around but if everyone made a little more effort to travel more sustainably, it would make a big difference. Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing to walk or take public transport instead of relying on cars and taxis.
Shop Local When you choose to shop local and choose food that is in season, you’re reducing the need for imported goods. This reduces the overall carbon footprint of the city and supports small, independent growers and producers.

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