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Green Tourism Award

Sustainability has been a hot topic in politics, press and conversation for many years but at PREMIER SUITES Dublin it’s more than just a buzzword. Hospitality and travel have a huge impact on the environment but are an essential service. We want to lessen our property’s impact on the world around us by becoming a greener place to stay in Dublin. We’re committed to improving our green rating without impacting the overall standard of our guest stay. We’ve recently been awarded Bronze certification from the Green Tourism Awards, giving us international recognition and plenty that we can improve on.

Green Tourism

Green Tourism is an internationally recognised awards certification programme which recognises the commitment of tourism businesses to become more sustainable. Their awards are an indicator of environmentally friendly practice and a true testament to green quality, allowing guests to make informed decisions about where they choose to stay. Their technical experts offer advice and support on many aspects of becoming a greener, more sustainable property and offer expert guidance in improving outdated processes and procedures. Being a member of Green Tourism is a step in the right direction, ensuring sustainability and thinking greener becomes second nature in our serviced apartments in Dublin.
Some things our property has committed to improving include;
• Reducing energy use
• Saving water
• Efficient & eco-friendly waste disposal
• Ethical buying
• Staying local & seasonal
• Minimising food miles
• Promoting biodiversity
• Adopting a smart, sustainable outlook from top to bottom

Sustainability at PREMIER SUITES Dublin

We understand the importance of safeguarding our environment, protecting it so our future guests and generations can enjoy it as we do. At our accommodation in Dublin, we strive to reduce pollution to its lowest possible level and are committed to complying with all relevant legislation and guidance. Our team and management are constantly improving our processes to encourage a more sustainable property. Our serviced apartments and our parent company PREM Group promotes the efficient use of energy by its staff through the use of energy surveys, improved housekeeping, control of processes and the efficient use of service engineer resources. We are delighted with our bronze certification from Green Tourism which has given us the inspiration to improve from their expert tips and assessments.
We’re committed to continuous development in PREMIER SUITES Dublin. Our team discuss and update our goals regularly and good environmental practice is part of our induction so all of our team are involved and interested. If you have any tips on how we can improve, please speak to one of our team. We’d love to hear from you.

How Can You Help?

If you want to help us reach our sustainability goals as a guest in our Dublin accommodation, there are small changes you can make that make a big difference.
Conserving energy simply means switching off and unplugging appliances when you’re finished using them. Turning off heating and air conditioning units when not in use makes a big difference to the overall energy consumption in the property.
• Being mindful of water usage also makes a difference. Switching off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth saves litres of fresh water. Filling your sink when you’re washing dishes instead of leaving the tap running and running only a full dishwasher are two small changes that also avoid wasted water.
• Saying no to that extra carrier bag while you’re out enjoying a spot of retail therapy in Dublin means we have less waste to dispose of. Bringing back as little rubbish to your accommodation in the form of plastic bags, bottles, packaging and more, means we have less to dispose of at the end of the day.
• Making sustainable transport choices have a wider impact on the city. Dublin is very walkable meaning you can get wherever you want to go without a car. Our Leeson Street serviced apartments are ideal to explore the city on foot and if you want to travel further, there are public bikes and transport available.

If you’d like to learn more about our sustainability efforts, in our Dublin serviced apartments or across the group, visit our website. You’ll also find tips and hints about making the most of your visit to Dublin and our lowest available overnight rates, guaranteed.

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