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Top 5 Places That You Must Visit in Delft

Delft is a city with a worldwide reputation for its connection to the Royal House, Delft blue pottery and home to Dutch painter, Johannes Vermeer. Relive its glorious past as you wander along canals, churches, mansions and courtyards. We have created a list of the top five places you need to see during your visit to Delft.

The New and Old Church

Delft’s iconic landmarks, Oude Kerk (Old Church) and Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) dominate the city with their stunning architecture and towering skyline. Both churches are within easy walking distance of each other and using the same ticket you can visit both. The Old Church is best known as Holland’s Tower of Pisa, which originally was a wooden church dating back as far as 1050, now grew to be a 75-metre gothic tower. Here you will witness beautiful stained glass windows and two organs. It also holds several tombs and graves of important people, such as admirals Piet Hein and Maarten Tromp and the painter Johannes Vermeer. There is an exhibition which takes place in New Church which talks about the history of Delft and during the good weather you can climb the tower and admire the beautiful scenery of the city.

Royal Delft Museum

Delft is best known for its world-famous pottery Royal Delft, so when visiting here, be sure to take a trip to the Royal Delf Museum which dates back as far as the 17th Century. Did you know that this type of pottery still follows its centuries-old tradition of being painted entirely by hand? While you are here, you will get to hear all about the history of the blue-tinged pottery, from present, past and future, and get to witness a step-by-step production process. Better yet, take home a piece of Delft Blue with you at the showroom.


The Delft markets bring in not only locals but visitors from all over the globe due to its popularity, the city welcomes hundreds of visitors each day. Here you will find over a hundred market stalls from vibrant flowers, local delicacies, antiques, books and much more. Thursday is the best day to visit the markets, between City Hall and Nieuwe Kerk, there are endless merchants not only selling just food and books – they also sell clothing, and electronic gadgets. Take a stroll to the flower market on the Brabantse Turfmarkt, five minutes from the general market. Again on a Thursday, this lovely area is renovated into a colourful display filled and sweet aromas from the dozens of flower merchants and thousands of flowers.

Canal Boat Trip

Taking a boat trip in Delft is the perfect way to explore and see the city from a different perspective and admire the waterways at the same time. You can find many tour operators which provide boat trips, which typically last for an hour. The guides will provide you with information about the city and interesting facts about the canals.

Street Art

Delft may be known for many things such as history and pottery as we mentioned, but while wandering around the streets, take in another sight, street art. Kloksteeg is a short walk from the train station and here you will see the work of street artist Micha de Bie. This alley has been decorated with colour block patterns and includes icons such as Hugo de Groot, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek and Vermeer’s Milkmaid. You can scan the barcode on the wall to learn more about his work. In Papenstratt you can see the Ceramic Map, which is made completely from ceramic and took hundreds of volunteers to make. To honour the blue pottery, here in Bonte Ossteegm, you will see Blue street art all made from, you guessed it, Delft pottery!

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