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The PREMIER SUITES guide to working away from home

Our corporate guests can find working away to be stressful without your home comforts and being close to family and friends. Whether you are on a business trip for just a few days or a work placement away from home that lasts weeks or even months, it’s important to switch off from your day job. Work, rest, and play!

Why Switching off is important

Being away for work means your normal daily routine is disrupted. You may find yourself still sat in front of the laptop late into the evening. Ever wonder why you then struggle to switch off from work mode leading to a sleepless night.

Plan your time

Conveniently located close to many Business Parks that surround our apartments in the local area, work commitments may not always mean you work 9-5. Fitting into your customer’s diaries with meetings may go into the evening. Important to look at your daily commitments and work out when you will have some free time that you can enjoy to yourself. It could be in the morning when you can enjoy breakfast before switching on your laptop and replying to emails or that important proposal. Perhaps you can find time at lunch to use our running maps of the local area and enjoy the outdoors.

Sleep time

Getting a goodnights sleep is key to ensure optimal performance and this can be hindered if you haven’t switched off and are still thinking about work before you sleep. Self-discipline is required to ensure you rest, so switch off your devices and business thoughts a good hour before bedtime. Make your bedroom a sanctuary of relaxation and listen to music to unwind or read a book. You will find yourself in a much better place to start the next day feeling fresh and relaxed.

Schedule a video call with your family

They will be missing you too. Interacting with your children or loved ones helps you forget the pressures of work. Coincide a call at your children’s bedtime so you can read them a story goodnight.

Experience some Reading Culture

As a corporate traveler, its very easy to stay in your apartment and not experience the local culture. Walk through Forbury Gardens in the centre of town and you will find 900 years of history at the Abbey Ruins. The Abbey owned the town of Reading and the Abbot was its lord. The Abbey developed the town laying out the present-day streets, and Minister Street where we are located.

And then when it’s finally time to settle down and unwind for the evening, you can relax, or whip up your favourite dish in the very own kitchen before catching some Z’s.


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