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Sustainability in our Reading Accommodation

At PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments in Reading, and across the PREMIER SUITES brand in Ireland, the UK and Europe, we are committed to reducing the impact our services have on the environment. We strive to reduce waste, energy consumption and lowering carbon footprint to its lowest workable level without impacting our quality of service. We monitor and manage environmental performance in our operations through environmental risk assessments and conduct reviews of environmental performance as part of our regular health & safety inspections and audits. Here are some tips for your stay and what we’re doing to reduce our impact.

What we do to help

We believe the best way to improve our processes is by awareness and knowledge of environmental issues from both our staff and guests. We provide suitable information and training to our employees to ensure they can make informed decisions. We also offer pre-arrival environmental information to guests prior to check in.

All waste represents an inefficient use of resources and energy. We try to reduce the quantity of waste generated and regularly review routes whereby waste can be eliminated or reduced or recycled. We support the Trussel Trust which provides a network of local food banks. Guests can donate at the boxes in reception, or we can take unopened, dry food items from your suite after you check out. We grow herbs in our courtyard for our guests to pick and use in cooking.

We conduct regular energy surveys, have improved housekeeping procedures, control our processes and encourage the efficient use of service engineer resources.

We use Simply Waste Solutions to ensure none of your rubbish ends up in landfill. All your rubbish is recycled when it gets to the depot, so you don’t need to separate plastics, cardboard or glass beforehand. All wastes will be disposed of responsibly. Our staff will ensure they comply with all the waste disposal requirements.

What can you do?

Avoid cars and public transport. Many of the local sites and tourist attractions are within easy walking distance.  While it’s not possible in all of our locations, in Reading we are lucky to be able to offer 6 bikes free of charge for use by both staff and guests. If you need directions or recommendations, our team are happy to help.

We encourage the efficient use of energy by our staff and guests. Reduce energy by switching off lights and closing windows, monitoring heating and turning off and unplugging everything when you leave the apartment.

Keep to a weekly housekeeping clean , which minimises the cleaning of towels and linen . If you are happy to reuse your towels, you can hang them up. If you’d like them replaced, you can leave them in the shower.

Fill the dishwasher and washing machine with a full load before you turn them on. Use a clothes dryer or airer to dry your clothes instead of using the tumble drier to reduce energy consumption

Please use water wisely. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth to save water waste.

Buy from local producers and services to reduce your carbon footprint. Assist us by avoiding extra packaging and say no to unnecessary carrier bags. We’d be happy to recommend local suppliers, just ask!


All of our UK and Irish PREMIER SUITES locations have been awarded ECOsmart Silver accreditation, an industry standard for accommodation providers who provide an eco-friendly approach in five key areas including:

  • Energy and Water Conservation
  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • Rooms and Facilities
  • Food and Beverage
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility

Green Tourism

All our UK & Irish properties joined Green Tourism, a sustainability certification programme and are currently waiting on their grading. Green Tourism promotes greener ways for businesses and organisations to operate by offering guidance on the following:

  • Reducing energy use
  • Saving water
  • Efficient & eco-friendly waste disposal
  • Ethical buying
  • Staying local & seasonal
  • Minimising food miles
  • Promoting biodiversity
  • Adopting a smart, sustainable outlook from top to bottom

We love to hear feedback, positive and constructive from our guests about how we can improve our service or our environmental efforts. Talk to our team or send us an email after you depart and let us know what you think. Learn more about our sustainability policy on our website where you’ll also find our lowest rates and most up-to-date availability.


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