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Must visit museums in Amsterdam

When we say Amsterdam has something for everyone, it’s not just a saying. Amsterdam is the perfect place to let loose in a club, relax in a coffee shop, enjoy a local park, or learn more about local history and culture in a museum. Museums are a highlight of any trip to Amsterdam and give you a great sense of the place in an exciting and unusual way. Many of our museums are interactive and colourful, not just dusty relics on blank walls. Unsurprising when you see our colourful local characters. Some of our favourite museums are a short distance from our serviced apartment in Amsterdam, a great place for business, leisure, or adventure.

Anne Frank’s House

Located on an unremarkable canal on the edge of the city, the only way you’d know there was a world-famous museum here is by the queue outside. Step back in time, exploring the life and work of the formidable Anne Frank, a young stowaway whose family hid in the attic for 791 days from the Nazi army. No matter how much you think you know of Anne’s story, you’re sure to leave here with some new information. Easily one of the most popular and in-demand museums in Amsterdam, getting your hands on a ticket to visit Anne Frank’s House during high season is similar to winning the lottery! We recommend planning early and getting to the museum on time to make sure you’re guaranteed entry.

Van Gogh Museum

This Dutch institution is a popular stop on any Amsterdam tour, welcoming millions of visitors each year. The building is impressive, innovative, and hard to miss – traits similar to the artist himself. There is a collection of over 200 paintings housed here, including many of the artist’s most famous works; Sunflowers, The Potato Eaters and Almond Blossoms. It’s more than just a greatest hits tour however with dozens of drawings and letters allowing the visitor to explore the artist’s deep depression and that infamous ear incident. Don’t expect a flying visit to Van Gogh Museum. It’s built so you can take your time and you could easily lose a day admiring his work.


Reopened in 2013 after a ten-year, €441 million revamp, this is the biggest of Amsterdam’s museums. There are over 8000 paintings and pieces on display in this immense and beautiful building, with the majority from the Golden Age, You’ll find more than canvas art however with models, ships, costumes, Asian art and more. You’ll find works from some Dutch masters like The Milkmaid by Vermeer, Self-portrait by Van Gogh, and Rembrandt’s Night Watch. It’s easy to get overwhelmed within the space surrounded by so much talent but the chronological order and the free museum app will help you find your way. You could also take a guided tour, giving you additional insight into the artists and their styles along the way.

Moco Museum Amsterdam

At odds with the neighbouring Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum, which are fantastic in their own rights, Moco is a vibrant mix of Pop Art and works by graffiti artists. Slightly off the beaten track, Moco is worth a visit for lovers of contemporary and modern art in a small but stunning setting. One of the main attractions is the permanent Banksy exhibition featuring 50 of his (or her!) works, rarely seen indoor paintings, drawings and transplanted street murals like the famous Girl with Balloon. Visit on your way to another museum as you can expect to be in and out within an hour. Tickets are €19.50 and you can pick them up at the door.

Body Worlds

Stepping away from art and culture, Body Worlds is one of the most fascinating exhibitions in the world. Preserved human & animal remains are on display in a range of poses at this anatomy exhibit which aims to teach us more about how our body works, how happiness affects our health and well-being, and to totally fascinate us at the same time. There are over 200 plastinated bodies on display, a process of preserving human bodies for medical and research purposes. Themes range from health, sports, diet and the anatomy of animals in the past and their Happiness Project is on display for a limited time only.

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