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5 fun facts about Rotterdam you may not know

When you think of Rotterdam there are probably a few things that immediately come to mind: the Cube Houses, the Euromast, the famous Rotterdam ZOO and the many museums Rotterdam has to offer. In this blog post we would like to surprise you with a few facts you may not yet know about Rotterdam.

You can travel the city by water taxi

When traveling around in Rotterdam there are lots of ways to get from one place to another: you can go by train, by bus, by tram, by car, by bike or by foot. But did you know that you can also take the water taxi? Rotterdam has 10 water taxis available that can bring you to over 50 different places throughout the city. You have to admit: this is by far the coolest way to travel around in Rotterdam. You can book your water taxi by phone or on their official website.

Rotterdam is the only city in the Netherlands with a skyline

When you have visited Rotterdam before or when you live in Rotterdam you already know that Rotterdam has an amazing skyline. You can admire the view over the Rotterdam skyline from many places in the city, but the best place to admire the Rotterdam skyline is definitely the Euromast. What makes the skyline of Rotterdam so unique is that it is the only city in the Netherlands which has a skyline. Beat that, Amsterdam!

Napoleon once stayed in Rotterdam

When you think of Rotterdam you think of a modern city with modern architecture. However it might come as a surprise that the history of Rotterdam dates back to the 13th century. The city knows a rich and elaborate past with lots of important moments. One of the highlights? That would be the time that Napoleon Bonaparte paid a visit to the Kingdom of Holland in 1811 and he stayed in Rotterdam in the Schielandshuis.

Rotterdam has the best bar in the world

Rotterdam is not only known for its modern architecture and many museums, but it also famous for its great restaurants & bars! The city bursts with trendy and multicultural restaurants and chic cocktail bars. The best place to go for an evening out? That is definitely the well-known Witte de Withstraat in city centre of Rotterdam. One of its bars, De Witte Aap, was even chosen as ‘best bar in the world’ by the fans of the Lonely Planet. A great honour!

Kapsalon was invented in Rotterdam

Are you familiar with the typical Dutch food from the Netherlands? You probably already heard from ‘Stamppot’, ‘Hutsepot’, ‘Bitterballen’ and ‘Stroopwafels’. Another typical dish from the Netherlands is the world famous ‘Kapsalon’. A kapsalon is a dish consisting of a layer of fries topped with döner or shawarma meat and covered with gouda cheese, vegetables, garlic sauce and sambal. This dish was invented in… Rotterdam of course! It was conceived in 2003 by Nathaniële Gomes, a hairdresser in the Delfsthaven in Rotterdam.

We hope we have surprised you with 5 fun facts you did not already know about Rotterdam. Do you like our blog posts? Follow us on Facebook to make sure you never miss a new post!


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