Stay safe and secure


Stay safe and secure when travelling solo

We recognise that while both women and men are concerned with safety and comfort while travelling, women see it as more of a priority. Our SOLO Travel programme has been designed to address those anxieties and to improve the guest experience for women who travel alone, either on business or leisure trips.

  • Every apartment door is fitted with secondary locks on large heavy self-closing doors.
  • To ensure privacy at check-in, we discreetly hand you your room details and make sure to never say your room number out loud.
  • When possible, we will assign your apartment on a higher floor, avoiding the end of corridors and fire exits.
  • A team member will walk you to your apartments, assist with your luggage and take time to ensure you are comfortable with the location, facilities and services of your accommodation.
  • Where possible, car parking spaces will be allocated near the entrance, in well lit areas.
  • We will always identify ourselves when knocking on your door, whether that’s for housekeeping service or delivering something to your room.

To help us allocate the most suitable room prior to arrival please request SOLO Travel at time of booking.