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Why Serviced Apartments are Better than Airbnb

Airbnb is a great way to see the city like a local and save some money when compared to traditional hotel stays. As good as it all sounds, there are many drawbacks when comparing Airbnb stays to serviced apartments. Here are a few of the biggest ones:



When a property signs up to be on Airbnb, the host needs to send in a few pictures of the room/space and they are almost automatically qualified. There are absolutely zero standards of décor, space requirements or cleanliness, it’s a gamble every time.

We all know how peoples standards of hygiene vary from person to person, one person’s clean is another idea of a messy nightmare! When you choose a serviced apartment over an Airbnb you are guaranteed a spotlessly clean suite every single time. Our housekeeping team are trained to the highest possible standard and each apartment is checked by a senior member of staff before letting.

Airbnb property types can vary from a bed in a shared room to a luxury villa, depending on what you book. The more space you want, the more expensive it gets. When you book a stay in PREMIER SUITES Newcastle, you are guaranteed a modern, spacious apartment with a fully equipped kitchen, a private bathroom and bedroom and all of the living /dining space you could hope for. Our décor is standardised across the brand so you know you can expect the highest quality in comfort and style.

Another thing missing from Airbnb are the all-important safety standards. They don’t even make it mandatory to have to have a fire extinguisher. Your safety is the most important thing when you stay with us and each apartment is equipped with the highest standard and fully serviced safety equipment. All of our staff are fire safety trained and we have an approved and trusted fire evacuation plan in place just in case the worst does happen.


When browsing Airbnb, the most obvious benefit is the price which is usually a fair bit cheaper than its branded competitors. Unfortunately, the price you see is not the price you pay. You need to factor in the tax, service charge and a cleaning fee which brings the price up to a lot more than you first expected. With PREMIER SUITES clear pricing strategy, we guarantee that the price you see online is the exact price you pay. We also guarantee the lowest available price when you cut out the middleman and book directly on our website.


Another huge factor to consider is the location of the property and its proximity to the city.  Airbnb’s are usually in residential locations and not always close to the city centre, hence the low price. When you stay with PREMIER SUITES Newcastle you are right in the heart of the action, close to all types of public transport and within walking distance of shopping streets and markets.

If you would like to explore Newcastle like a local but still expect the standards and comfort of a traditional hotel stay, choose a stay in PREMIER SUITES Newcastle. Check out our special offers on our website.


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