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Top tips to remember when going back to the workplace

With a return to work finally on the horizon, it’s a good time to remind ourselves of the processes and procedures in place to keep ourselves and our colleagues safe. At PREMIER SUITES Leeson Street, our city centre serviced apartments have provided safe and secure accommodation in Dublin to essential workers throughout the pandemic. We are comfortable with our new safety measures taken by staff each day to ensure the safety of colleagues& guests and want to share some top tips.

Common Sense

We all know by now what we should be doing to protect ourselves and our loved ones from Covid-19. Using common sense and rereading workplace guidelines on safety and sanitisation issued by government will play a big role in your return to work. If you notice an office, the canteen or the stairway is full, take a step back and wait until it’s less busy. Take a step back from co-workers without a clear 2m boundary of personal space or ask them to do the same. Every time you step back from someone who is too close, you lessen the chances of contracting the virus. If you see something that your workplace could be doing better, mention it to your lead worker or HR team to allow them to fix the problem.

Mask Wearing

Guidelines have safety procedures have changed so often over the past year but one thing which has remained consistent is the importance of mask wearing. When you wear a clean, dry face covering you are placing a protective barrier between your own nose &mouth and someone else’s breath. Masks should be worn in busy, crowded or badly ventilated spaces or whenever you feel uncomfortable. Just because guidelines say it’s not mandatory to wear a mask, doesn’t mean you can’t for your own comfort and safety.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene has always been important. Washing daily, changing your clothes, and presenting yourself well in the workplace is essential but now we have one more essential for the list. Hand washing and hand sanitising has become more important than ever –not just after using the bathroom. You should wash and/or sanitise your hands when you arrive at work, after touching high touchpoints (coffee machine, photocopier, door handles etc) and after touching your nose, eyes, or mouth. If you cough or sneeze, you should do so into a clean tissue that should be immediately disposed of.

Shared Responsibility

While it is your personal responsibility to follow regulations and obey government guidelines, your employer has a part to play too. They must offer employees with a safe working environment adapting to covid-19 safety regulations such as:

  • Staggered arrival & departure times.
  • Increased cleaning and sanitisation of the workplace.
  • Hand sanitiser, hand washing and PPE available to staff.
  • Social distancing should be facilitated within the workplace.
  • An ‘outbreak’ or ‘quarantine’ room should be assigned within the workplace.
  • Employee concerns should be actioned in a timely manner

Travel for Work

Along with the return to the workplace comes the return of travel for work. When you’re booking a corporate stay, you’ll want to book somewhere that offers reassurances about what extra measures they have implemented to combat the spread of Covid-19.

In PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments in Leeson Street Dublin we have always taken hygiene and cleanliness very seriously but have upped our game in the past year. We have followed all government guidelines strictly, encouraging mask wearing and social distancing in all of our properties. We have increased cleaning & disinfecting frequency, we now use a clean air filtration system in all suites after departure and most importantly, all of our staff are fully trained in new procedures and what to do in case of an outbreak.

City centre serviced apartments are a great option for business travel, whether you’re returning to the office for a few days a week or have returned full time. We offer competitive rates to corporate travellers and when you join our rewards club you can claim points and redeem them for gifts like free stays and vouchers. We look forward to the return to work, welcoming our regular guests back and beginning new relationships with new guests.


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