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At PREMIER SUITES, our guest’s wellbeing is our top priority. We understand that being far from home, especially on a longer-term basis, is not great for your routine, your diet or your wellness. While we could never wish to replace the comfort and security of your home, we want to make each of our guests feel as good as possible while on the road. That’s why we designed PS Life – a well-being website with guides and recommendations for keeping yourself in tip-top shape while in our serviced apartments in Dublin. PS Life is free to all guests and covers topics like healthy eating, keeping fit and some of our special policies. Here are some of the highlights of PS Life you can utilise while enjoying our Ballsbridge accommodation.

Eat Well

How do you eat when you’re away from home? Chances are when you’re cooped up in a cramped hotel room with no facilities, you reach for convenience foods – foods which are often high in fat, salt, and calories. When you choose to stay in our serviced apartments in Dublin, you enjoy the luxury of a fully equipped kitchen as standard. That means you can enjoy the food you want when you want it without being tied to restaurant menus or mealtimes. PS Life has a section to inspire guests to cook delicious, filling, and healthy meals in the comfort of your suites – and no rabbit food in sight! Follow our quick and easy guides for breakfast lunch and dinner, enjoying the convenience of preparing, cooking, and enjoying healthy meals in your home from home.

Get Moving

Even the most dedicated gym-goer might find it difficult to keep up a rigorous fitness routine while they’re away from home. Movement is so important to our mental and physical health, which is what keeps us motivated and active. If you find yourself with a couple of minutes before work or feeling sluggish in the evening, PS Life has an entire section dedicated to fitness. Follow personal trainer Ronan Mee as he demonstrates a variety of strength and mobility exercises you can do in the comfort of your serviced apartment. If you’re staying in PREMIER SUITES Ballsbridge, you have the added luxury of an in-house fitness centre complete with a treadmill, exercise bike, weight pulley system, rowing machine and cross-trainer. You don’t need to book, and you can use your room key for gym access. Ideal for busy people who love to keep fit with minimal effort.

A Friendly Face in a New Space

Being away from home for a long period is difficult. We miss our families, pets and most of all the comfort and routine of home. It’s especially hard being in a new area with no insider information about the best places to eat or things to do. Our newest initiative offers guests a friendly face in a new space, combatting loneliness among long-stay guests. Simply book a time to meet one of our friendly team for a chat. We can fill you in about events in the area, the best places to visit, where we recommend for dinner or just a chat about current events.

Our Policies

Aside from wellbeing, we have included some of our policies on the PS Life website. Including

Solo by PREMIER SUITES – an initiative to help our solo travellers feel safe while staying with us. Procedures include escorting you to your suite, ensuring you are comfortable with the position on your suite and never saying your suite number aloud.

Pet-Friendly Policy – a popular choice among solo travellers. We understand that long-stay guests don’t just miss human company. Our pet-friendly policy means you can take your furry friend with you for the duration of your stay of 28 days or more. Contact our team to learn more.

Accessibility – We are delighted to partner with Mobility Mojo who specialise in auditing and rating the accessibility of hotels and serviced apartments globally. Not only do we audit our properties for wheelchair accessibility, we also rate other areas including voice announcements in our lifts, braille letters on buttons, subtitles on TVs and alarm cords in bedrooms for emergency assistance. Our accessibility rating is available on each of our location websites.

Book your stay in PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments Ballsbridge on our official website to enjoy our best rate guarantee. Enjoy PS Life as a complimentary extra to your stay. We look forward to welcoming you.


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