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Look after yourself with PS Life

PREMIER SUITES could never compare to your actual home, and we couldn’t hope to. We do want to make sure that our guests are safe, comfortable, and living a healthy lifestyle for the duration of their stay in any of our locations. We’ve made it easy for you to look after yourself and have given you all the tools you need for a healthy mind and body with our brand new wellbeing initiative, PS Life. We welcome all of our guests to make full use of the advice and tutorials on the website and embrace a better way of living while you are our guest and beyond. Here are some of the wellbeing and fitness tips you can look forward to when you stay in our serviced apartments in Glasgow.

Healthy Eating

A healthy body comes from within and the very fundamentals of looking after yourself comes from what you eat. Food is fuel for workouts, it can affect your energy levels and can even affect your mood, so it is important to focus on a healthy diet. Cutting out processed foods and refined sugar as much as possible and enjoying sweet treats little and often is the key to a balanced diet. We have put together a selection of healthy and balanced meals from hearty breakfast plans to tasty dessert ideas, and encourage our guests to make full use of their personal kitchen, standard in each suite. No more perching on the edge of the bed trying to eat a takeaway with plastic cutlery. Our facilities make it easy for you to cook, prepare and store the food you really like when it suits you.


Healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand. It’s hard to maintain an all-round healthy lifestyle without incorporating the two. Exercise means different things to individuals, depending on your age, ability and experience. Exercise might mean running, HIIT online classes or some simple but effective stretching or yoga moves. Choose your favourite exercise from the selection of instructional videos or running routes personalised to each of the PREMIER SUITES properties on the PS Life website. We have a selection of resistance exercise cards, mobility exercises and if working out from home doesn’t suit you, we have a list of local gyms and local bike hire shops. The best part is, you can exercise at a time and pace that suits you with plenty of floor space in your serviced apartment in Glasgow. If you forget your mat, we have some for sale in the reception area.


We can look after our bodies well with healthy eating and regular, challenging exercise but what about our minds? We are passionate about positive mental health and would like to invite all of our guests to make use of the guided meditation sessions on our PS Life website. Meditation has many proven benefits for your health and mind including stress reduction, control of anxiety, emotional health, increased self-awareness and improved overall health. You don’t need any equipment or space to enjoy meditation, just yourself and somewhere reasonably quiet. You can practise in bed, in the bath or on the bus. Take 10-minutes a day to mind your mind.

PS Social 

Travelling for a long time, or staying a long term in a new city on your own can be daunting and sometimes isolating. It is healthy for individuals to mix and make new friends and our staff would like to facilitate this between our guests. Our PS Social programme was created to bring our guests together and create a corporate community within PREMIER SUITES, expanding your social and professional circles. When you join you can enjoy:

A welcome pack

  • Invitation to our monthly PS Social event, which can be anything from wine evenings, coffee mornings and social activities. 
  • Enjoy extra perks including discounts for local restaurants and refer-a-friend incentives. 
  • Access to an online group, which guests can use as a platform to communicate with each other and arrange social activities.

If you are travelling alone, we also have some extra safety precautions in place to protect your privacy and security. You can read more about  SOLO by PREMIER SUITES initiative here . We also have a pet policy and our accessibility statements contained within PS Life, anything to make our guests feel as at-home as possible.

Book your stay in PREMIER SUITES Glasgow today and experience PS Life for yourself. Book online using our official website for exclusive access to our best available rates. If you are interested in long-stay or corporate discounts, contact our sales team today for more information. We look forward to welcoming you to PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments in Glasgow.

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