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Glasgow Voted One Of The Top 10 World’s Most Sustainable Locations

Sustainability has been a buzzword in politics, press and conversation for many years, with little action from world leaders to change policies. This year, Glasgow, its people and its leaders have proven our love for our Dear Green Place, improving our green rating and being awarded as one of the top 10 most sustainable countries in the world. Our city slogan People Make Glasgow is proven yet again by the dedication and passion of individuals and local and national groups, working hard to make Glasgow a destination for tourists and a home for future generations.

Global Destination Sustainability Movement

The Global Destination Sustainability Movement has created an index to show performance improvement as part of its program to make tourism and events more sustainable. It spotlights brave, dedicated and pioneering cities, towns and regions that recognise the urgent need to regenerate and protect our planet. These cities and the individuals contained within them work together to create destinations where people, place, and planet can flourish and encourage sustainable tourism. They aim to empower people by changing mindsets and promoting the knowledge and skills to create regenerative destinations to visit, meet, and live in. Glasgow is honoured to have been named in the top 10 sustainable cities in the world and to be named among pioneers such as Gothenburg, Berlin & Bordeaux.

Why Do We Need to Change?

Post-pandemic we’ve seen changes to how people commute, meet, work and travel which in turn have prompted cities to change. Digital enhancements have transformed the travel landscape and borders opening post-lockdown encouraged a surge in travel and events. This is caused a surge in the negative impacts of travel on climate change and the already collapsing biodiversity. At the same time, more people, especially young activists, are feeling increasing levels of concern about the impacts of travelling and pressure to act on climate change. These factors influence tourism and the industry’s role in economic, environmental, and social sustainability has risen to the top of the agenda. Destinations around the world feel the pressure to become more sustainable, take action and put in place new initiatives to combat this negative trend.

Glasgow as a Sustainable City

Glasgow ranked 6th location in the world on the top 10 list. The GDS movement were particularly impressed by Glasgow’s climate change ambitions to become the UK’s first carbon-neutral city by 2030 and a world-leading centre for sustainable policy and innovation. They commended Glasgow’s collaborative approach to working closely with leading sustainable establishments across the city and with representatives from Glasgow’s hospitality industry, local government, business, and academics. The idea behind becoming more sustainable is based around improving the quality of life in the city, protecting the environment and developing a green economy with sustainability top of the agenda. The city started small, with the installation of ‘smart’ LED streetlights and more electric vehicle charging stations to creating renewable energy schemes and green jobs.

Sustainability at PREMIER SUITES Glasgow

No one person or business is exempt from doing their part to improve the future of Glasgow. PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments do our part to stay in keeping with our green initiatives and are committed to reducing pollution to its lowest practicable level without affecting the quality of our service. We have put into place tangible measures to reduce energy usage, waste production and the overall carbon footprint of our accommodation in Glasgow. We try to reduce the quantity of waste generated and regularly review routes whereby waste can be eliminated, reduced or recycled. All waste is disposed of responsibly, according to best practice and governmental guidelines. The company promotes the efficient use of energy by its staff through the use of energy surveys, improved housekeeping, control of processes and the efficient use of service engineer resources. Guests can help in small ways to contribute to our efforts by travelling responsibly, following the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra and choosing to support local businesses throughout their visit.

Choose our accommodation in Glasgow and help us to become a more sustainable city for everyone. You can book our best available rates on our website where you can also learn more about our green initiatives.


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