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Glasgow Street Art Guide

You’ll find fine art in Kelvingrove, alternative art in the Gallery of Modern Art and sculpture in Thistle Gallery, but where do you find the best street art in Glasgow? The answer is – all around us, from the murals on High Street to the installations that often pop up around the city. Street Art adds a touch of colour to our streets and helps to rejuvenate and revitalise buildings & vacant sites that otherwise look a bit tired. Glasgow’s street art scene has not gone unnoticed with many articles, blogs and tours acknowledging the modern beauty all around us. Here are some of our favourite street art pieces and the talented artists that made them. 

St. Mungo 

Although officially unnamed, the iconic artwork on High Street was unofficially christened St. Mungo on social media after being shared 1.5 million times within the first week! Painted by Smug, an Australian artist living in Glasgow, the mural depicts St Mungo in modern clothing, holding a robin inspired by the story of our patron saint. The mural took a week to finish and has been a permanent part of High Street since 2016. Another nearby work by the same artists is the gable end wall overlooking Ingram Street car park. Before Smug did his magic, it was just peeling paint and graffiti. Now it is a stunning mural featuring all types of animals found in Glasgow’s parks and green spaces, sometimes disguised and sometimes looking through cracks in the wall.

Glasgow’s Tiger 

An image that has become synonymous with Glasgow’s street art scene, Glasgow’s Tiger was painted by Scottish street artist James Klinge, formerly known as Klingatron. The current mural replaces a similar one of the same name originally painted in 2010. The tigers head, visible from across the river and the South Portland Suspension Bridge, was originally met with negative criticism but has made its way into Glaswegian hearts and became an iconic landmark on Glasgow’s mural trail. Knowing the short-lived glory of street art, make sure to get down there and take a photo before it disappears! 

Billy Connolly

One of the most well-loved icons from Glasgow is the iconic comedian and actor, Billy Connolly. In commemoration of his 75th birthday, BBC Scotland commissioned three portraits of the comedian by top Scottish artists. Two of these were painted by Rouge One and one by John Byrne. All three portraits were showcased on the streets of Glasgow in a special BBC Scotland programme ‘Billy Connolly: Portrait of a Lifetime’ and are now on display in the People’s Palace – so technically they have evolved from their ‘street art’ roots. 

This very realistic mural on Mitchell Street will make you look twice, every time! Artist Rouge One strikes again, bringing us this captivating street art depicting a man trying to hail a taxi which is held up by balloons. The colours catch your eye every time you pass the now-iconic artwork and the attention to detail is excellent.  It’s a great place to start your city centre street art trail. The artists comment on the piece is “Can’t believe I painted a wall to look like a brick wall just because I wanted a brick wall!”, how very insightful!


Painted by artists Recoat and Ali Wylie, The Spaceman is a colourful mural located in the heart of the city centre on Argyle Street. The lane needed a boost and the burst of brightness offered by this gorgeous mural did the trick.  The artwork uses geometric colours and also drew inspiration from Japanese, pop art and comic book design culture. Graphic novels and graphic design combine perfectly to give us this beautiful piece. It was recently recognised in a poll of the UK’s Statement Walls by paint retailer B&Q.

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