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Fun Facts about Glasgow

Whether you’re visiting Glasgow looking for trendy bars, nightclubs ,and world-class shopping, or you’re more interested in learning about the history and culture of the city, there is something for everyone. PREMIER SUITES offers excellent accommodation in Glasgow for all types of traveller. Our serviced apartments offer you the flexibility and freedom to explore Glasgow like a local. Here are some fun facts about Glasgow to whet your appetite for the dear green place.

Glasgow is Scotland’s Largest City

Despite being Scotland’s second city, Glasgow is in fact Scotland’s largest city with a population of 600,000 people, significantly more than Edinburgh’s almost 500,000. This is partly as a result of our important role as an industrial trading city in the 19th Century. The city has also been hailed as the true capital of culture with more than 20 museums & art galleries to choose from featuring displays from some of the worlds most famous artists. You can see works of art from renowned artists like Claude Monet, Salvador Dali and Van Gogh, as well as the fantastic street art and murals from some of Glasgow’s finest local talent. Glasgow is also home to over 100 cultural and artistic organisations, including The Scottish Ballet, Opera and Symphony Orchestra.

There Are Trees in Glasgow Older Than Dinosaurs

Did you know that there is a unique heritage site in Glasgow called Fossil Grove, which contains trees dating back 330 million years old? The eleven tree stumps, preserved naturally and protected by the city, date back to the Carboniferous Period. The discovery was made during excavation works to make anew city park from an old quarry. They are thought to be Lepidodendron trees, which need a mossy swamp-like environment to grow; ideal when our climate was hot and tropical. Now all we get is wet!

Glasgow Was Founded by Saint Mungo, The Patron Saint of Salmon

While it has been proven that there has been a settlement on the banks of the River Clyde since prehistoric times, credit for the foundation of the city goes to our own Saint Mungo. At the age of 25, Mungo (which is an old Scottish nickname meaning ‘pet’) began a Christian Missionary in the 6thcentury in what is now known as Glasgow City. What once was a small village quickly grew to be an important diocese and trading centre. Mungo is immortalised on the Glasgow coat of arms, through stories thought in schools and in our own unique Glasgow way with a beautiful mural of the saint and a robin from the story of ‘the bird that never flew’ which sits on a gable end of a building on High Street.

Chicken Tikka Masala was Invented in Glasgow

Ah, chicken tikka masala, a traditional Indian favourite that goes back generations, right? Wrong! While it has strong similarities to traditional dishes like butter chicken, this popular Indian curry is said to have been invented in aback street takeaway in the 1970s by Bangladeshi chef Ali Ahmed Aslam. When a customer complained that his chicken tikka was too dry, the chef added a tin of mild tomato-based soup to please him. The customer enjoyed the dish, told his friends and what is now one of the countries most popular fast food items was born. The delicious dish is served in Indian restaurants up and down the country from London to Aberdeen.

Glasgow,The City of Love

Move over Paris, Glasgow has a claim to be the true city of love and romance. Did you know that the remains of the patron saint of lovers (and, oddly, epileptics and beekeepers)can be found in the Church of Blessed St John Duns Scotus in Glasgow? The remains were part of a relic donation from the Franciscan church in 1868 and are housed in a small wooden box decorated with ornate gold writing. In life, Valentine was a mysterious figure and not much is known as a matter of fact so many stories and traditions were amalgamed to celebrate his feast day. The relics are in pride of place in the church’s doorway and every year on February 14th, the relic is decorated with flowers.

We’re still learning fun facts about Glasgow every day, many of which come from our guests. Don’t forget to share any gems of information you learn along the way with our team. Enjoy our city like a local when you book a stay in PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments in Glasgow. Contact our team or book your stay on our website for our best available rate, guaranteed.


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