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Rotterdam: a mix of culture and diversity

Rotterdam is one of the major European port cities and the second largest city of the Netherlands. Port cities are often long-standing examples of resilience, diversity, and diverse ethnic cultures. Rotterdam is a virtual smorgasbord of cultures bringing people, food, traditions, and events from across the globe to coexist and be enjoyed by all in our colourful city. Plan a trip to explore the best of the city and choose flexible, comfortable accommodation in PREMIER SUITES PLUS Rotterdam.

Diversity in Rotterdam

Waterfronts have historically been a meeting point for those with diverse backgrounds, bringing together dockworkers, displaced people, labourers, migrants and tourists all waiting to board or disembarking ships. Flows of people passing through Rotterdam for trade and migration have played a huge role in our cultural and social development. Different ethnicities bring different identities, cultures, and colours together to our city. Rotterdam has embraced the change – and has grown as a result.

Rotterdam is the Netherlands’ second city and has one of the biggest ports in the world. Our current population is 651,446 people. The largest ethnic group represented in Rotterdam are those born to parents of Dutch origin, making up 52.4% of the city’s inhabitants. Over 46% of residents in Rotterdam are foreign-born.

The largest minority groups originate from Surinam (8.7%), Turkey (7.8%), Morocco (6.5%), the Antilles/Aruba (3.6%) and Cape Verde (2.5%). The remaining migrant population originates from EU (6.4%), other Western (4.6%) and non-Western (7.5%) countries. The population of Muslims in Rotterdam makes up approximately 13%.

Rotterdam is a thriving cosmopolitan city, with a wealth of cultures and ethnicities from all over the world. As of this year, we are home to more than 170 nationalities.

Ethnic Cuisine in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is well known across the world for its architecture, but the city is becoming a hub for international cuisine. You can find a fantastic range of different food types, from tasty street food & ethnic bites all the way to Michelin-star dining. With so many cultures, professions, middle-class and working-class residents, the level of dining options and the price points offer something for everyone.

One of the most popular dining spots and a great place to sample a mix of traditional Dutch and ethnic food is the world-famous Markthal, a residential and office building with a market hall underneath. Since it opened in 2014, this hugely impressive building has become a meeting spot for friends, families, and groups with over 4600 m2 retail space and 1600 mmarket stalls.

Rotterdam Culture & History

Rotterdam was named European Capital of Culture in 2001, which gave us the opportunity to show our cultural prowess on the world stage.

Rotterdam has a rich cultural scene centred largely around Museumpark and Witte de Withstraat. The area contains renowned museums like The New Institute, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen and the Kunsthal. You might decide to attend a performance of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra in Schouwburg De Doelen, the venue for classical concerts in the city.

If you are travelling in January, you can catch the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR); in April we have a free museum weekend, and the international marathon of the international poetry festival takes place in June. Each July, the city highlights its diverse cultures with a Summer Carnival, a 3-day, open air party celebrating residents and visitors from around the world.

Accommodation in Rotterdam

As a diverse city, there are many diverse accommodation types offered with something to suit everyone. When you stay at PREMIER SUITES PLUS Rotterdam, you choose for comfortable, spacious, and stylish lodging in the centre of the city. Our flexible one- and two-bedroom suites are designed with you in mind, to ensure each one of our guests feel right at home. Each suite has a separate living and dining area, a comfortable bedroom, family sized bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen as standard. Extra facilities and features include a grocery delivery service, pet policy and best rate guarantee. Our location next to Rotterdam Central Station makes us an excellent place to explore or travel further.

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