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5 tips to save money when travelling to Antwerp

There is no escaping the fact that travelling is expensive; from flights & accommodation to eating out and all of the little things in between. Tourists everywhere are often targeted by overpriced shops and eateries too, making sure to squeeze as much as possible out of them. To keep your trip to Antwerp as cost-efficient as possible, and to make sure you are getting the best value for money, here are our handy tips for how to save money when visiting our beautiful city.

1. Accommodation

One of the biggest expenses when travelling is accommodation. Whether you are travelling from abroad or enjoying a staycation in Antwerp, you need to consider where you stay carefully. You want to ensure your accommodation is central – so you don’t spend all of your time travelling to and from the city, that it’s safe, has high standards and of course, you get the very best possible value for money. Forget cramped hotel rooms or shared backpacker accommodation, PREMIER SUITES Antwerp offers everything you have come to expect from luxury travel without the huge price tag. Make sure to always book directly with the property to get the best value and most flexible rates. Make sure to read the cancellation policy carefully, wherever you book.

2. Dining in Antwerp

Eating good food and trying local cuisine is one of the best things about vacations. Where else in the world can you try our authentic Belgian waffles, frites and beers? Eating out three meals a day does add up and makes up a big portion of your budget. When you choose to stay in a serviced apartment in Antwerp, we give you flexibility and options that a standard hotel can’t Each of our luxury suites comes with a private, fully-equipped kitchen complete with a fridge/freezer, dishwasher, cooker & stove and everything you need to prepare meals and store food. It’s an easy way to cut down food bills.

3. Getting around 

Don’t waste your money on taxis and private transfers; public transport is a great way to get around Antwerp. De Lijn runs the bus and rail network that will get you around the city quickly and cheaply. You can buy a pass for 10 rides for just €9.00 or each single trip is just €2.00. Download the De Lijn app to easily navigate the city.

Cycling in Antwerp is another cheap and convenient option to get around. Hire an Antwerp Bike (Velo Antwerpen) by the hour or by the day and you’ll pay one low fee for an entire day of exploring what the city has to offer. Cycling in Antwerp is common among locals and dedicated bike lanes and respect for cyclists make it a very safe way to get around.

4. Seeing Antwerp

It would be a shame to visit Antwerp without seeing what makes us unique. Attractions in Antwerp, such as Ruebens House, our museums and the Cathedral of Our Lady are beautiful buildings with fascinating interiors, but you do have to pay a small fee to enter. The same goes for the zoo and many other smaller attractions. The best way to save money while seeing the best of Antwerp is to always book tickets online and in advance of arrival. They often have deals for advanced purchase and makes sure to take advantage of online student, family & OAP discounts where available. Try to visit a mixture of paid and free attractions when you visit to get the best of Antwerp.

5. Buy Local

When you visit a new city, especially one as busy and popular as Antwerp, its easy to fall into a tourist trap. This goes for souvenir shops and overpriced central restaurants and coffee shops. If you want to save money and help our local economy, try your best to shop local. Don’t give your money to chain stores and businesses when there are cheaper, better quality options available if you look hard enough. Putting money into our local economy not only saves you money, it also keeps local people in employment and helps our economy more directly. If you’re planning a trip to Antwerp this year, contact our friendly reservations team today to see why PREMIER SUITES Antwerp is the best choice for you. We offer our lowest and most flexible rates when you book directly on our official website.


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