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14 Romantic things to do in Amsterdam

After a couple of years of missing out, it’s important to make this Valentine’s Day stand out for the right reasons. Plan a trip for two to the romantic city of Amsterdam booking the most modern, comfortable accommodation you can find in the city – PREMIER SUITES PLUS Amsterdam. A stroll along the cobbled streets and bridges will show you so many things to do but if you’re stuck, here are 14 romantic things to do in Amsterdam:

  1. Take a stroll in one of the most beautiful parks in Amsterdam. Vondelpark, also known as ‘the Central Park of Amsterdam’, has a beautiful scenic atmosphere and is ideal for a Springtime walk. Try to spot Amsterdam’s love bird, an escaped and now wild ring-necked parakeet living within the park
  2. Vondelpark is quite big, and it would take a while to see everything so many couples rent tandem bikes to get around. It takes a little practice and a lot of patience but it’s a lot more romantic than two separate bikes. Just make sure you’re both pedalling!
  3. Enjoy the sunset together. Nothing says romance like watching the sun go down hand in hand, preferably with a hot drink or something stronger. Stroll along the canals and watch the sun disappear behind the stunning architecture.
  4. Of all of the bridges in Amsterdam, the Bloemgracht is one of the most scenic. Most tourist pictures are taken in the centre of the bridge with views of the water, the architecture and the sky. Take a perfect picture here as a memory of a trip you’ll never forget.
  5. Watch a movie in the prettiest cinema in The Netherlands. Cinema Pathé Tuschinski was built in 1921, and its exterior and interior have a unique mix of decorative styles making it stand out. Treat yourselves to a double love seat on the balcony or a private box where you can even order champagne.
  6. Nothing says romance like a boat trip and Amsterdam, the city of canals, is the perfect spot for a cruise. Book a cruise for the late evening or at sunset to watch the sun go down and the twinkling streetlights reflect off the water.
  7. Did you know there is a super romantic bridge in Amsterdam where many people propose to their partners? The Magere Brug (skinny bridge) over the river Amstel is one of the most well-known bridges in Amsterdam. It is said that those who kiss on the bridge will stay together forever.
  8. Did you know a lot of the movie ‘A Fault in our Stars’ was filmed right here in Amsterdam? Lovers of this powerful romantic film will recognise the bench near the intersection of two beautiful Amsterdam canals, the Herengracht and Leidsegracht.
  9. Explore Rijksmuseum – which should be on every Amsterdam bucket list – around 14th February and see their special exhibitions on love and romance. They also have a special Valentine’s program, with some lovely romantic stories.
  10. Enjoy a horse and carriage tour, taking you back to the old days when this was the only means of transport. Picture yourselves as royalty as you enjoy plush upholstery and the clip-clop of horse’s hooves while you enjoy the sights.
  11. What could be more classic than sending flowers for Valentine’s Day? How about visiting the only floating flower market in the world in the Singel? You’ll find your loves favourite flowers in the most colourful fragrant place in the city. They also sell bulbs so perhaps you could bring home some gorgeous tulips to plant at home and treasure forever.
  12. Cocktails for two is different in Amsterdam. Bols is the world’s oldest distilled spirits brand, dating back to 1575 in Amsterdam and House of Bols hosts daily cocktail workshops. Learn a new skill and taste lots of concoctions for yourself.
  13. It wouldn’t be a trip to the City of Diamonds without purchasing its namesake! Make this Valentine’s one you’ll never forget with a gift from one of the city’s many excellent diamond retailers. It doesn’t have to be that special ring but your partner will never forget the time you bought them diamonds from Amsterdam.
  14. Enjoy a quiet night in watching a movie and spending some relaxing quality time together in PREMIER SUITES PLUS Amsterdam. Cook up a storm in the fully equipped kitchen or order a takeaway from some of the most fantastic international eateries in Amsterdam before enjoying a great night’s sleep.

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