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Sustainable Travel At PREMIER SUITES Bristol

As a nation, we’re becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to protect our environment. We’re getting better at recycling, using public transport more and we’re considering our need for single-use plastics, opting instead for biodegradable alternatives. When we’re travelling, however, we’re out of our usual routines and sustainability often becomes an afterthought. If you’re planning a trip to Bristol in the future, choosing a more sustainable option for accommodation is the first step in making a big difference with a small change. PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments are a greener choice for accommodation in Bristol. Here are some of the many ways we’re improving.

Our Processes

  1. We monitor and manage environmental performance in our operations through environmental risk assessments like regular environmental and health & safety reviews.
  2. We are reducing the quantity of waste generated and regularly review where waste can be eliminated, reduced or recycled. It starts with in-suite recycling from our guests and stretches to the responsible waste disposal providers we use.
  3. We encourage the efficient use of energy by staff through the use of energy surveys, improved housekeeping, control of processes and the efficient use of resources.
  4.  Awareness and knowledge of environmental issues are an important part of the process of effective environmental management, so we ensure all of our teams are educated and empowered to make good environmental decisions.

Our Building

  1. Our property includes double-glazed windows in all rooms and balcony doors to promote the efficiency of our heating and cooling systems. We have the heat in corridors turned off unless needed.
  2. All lights and appliances are switched off when the apartment is vacant. We encourage guests to switch off and unplug before they leave, ensuring lights and heating are turned off when they are not in the apartment.
  3. We offer “Homegrown Greens”, a planter filled with herbs and spices, like red pepper, for our guests to use and spice up their culinary masterpieces. It’s ideal to encourage guests to make use of our kitchen facilities and reduce food waste. There are also food waste bins in all apartments.
  4. PREMIER SUITES Bristol has reduced the number of materials we use each day. We have replaced the single-use toiletries in our suites and public areas with dispensers. We now send invoices via email instead of printing. We offer online payment instead of inhouse payments to reduce paper use. QR codes are used to communicate information to guests. Metal keys are used instead of plastic key cards.
    Getting Around Bristol
    Transport accounts for 28% of UK global emissions. We are on a mission to reduce that by encouraging our guests to walk, bike or take public transport to see the sights of Bristol. We offer running maps in reception so guests can exercise locally. There is a bike rack available within our shared car park area free for use for all guests. We will be introducing Electric Charging Points in the future. We also work with the local hospitals promoting their free transport for visitors and patients.

Clean Air Zone

As part of the ongoing battle to reduce emissions in Bristo, the government has set legal limits for pollution, which Bristol currently exceeds. The local council has introduced a Clean Air Zone in the city centre to ensure the city reaches these limits within the shortest possible time. The Clean Air Zone puts restrictions on the highest polluting vehicles, encourages the use of greener vehicles and encourages people to walk, cycle or use public transport wherever possible. You can check the emissions caused by your vehicle on the vehicle checker and if you need to enter the Clean Air Zone, you will need to pay the charges of £9 per day.

Our team at PREMIER SUITES Bristol will be happy to help you plan your journey and your visit to Bristol without using a private car. You can call us or stop by our front desk for more information.

Book our lowest available rates for a stay in our serviced apartments in Bristol when you use our website or speak to one of our friendly team. We’re always looking for ways to become greener without affecting the quality of our guest’s stay. If you have a suggestion, we’d love to hear from you.

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