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How Serviced Apartments are Transforming the Way We Travel

How we travel has changed. Since the pandemic, individuals and families are looking for more flexible, accessible accommodation to suit their needs instead of fitting into the proverbial box created by hotel stays. The popularity of serviced apartments, especially in a crowded marketplace like Dublin, has been bigger than ever, especially considering the additional privacy, facilities and comfort we offer. Book serviced apartment accommodation in Dublin with confidence when you choose PREMIER SUITES. Our high standards and the quality of our accommodation in Dublin are second to none. Secure our best available rates exclusively on our website, guaranteed.

Business Travel

Business accommodation is no longer a place to shower and sleep. These days, corporate travellers to Dublin need a flexible, supportive place to stay, either long or short-term. Additional privacy is essential, especially when conducting work, private conference calls or business meetings from the comfort of your suite. Having your own entrance, as well as multiple separate rooms within your suite makes business travel much more comfortable. PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments offer a high standard of business accommodation in Dublin, with all of the facilities you’d expect to see in a hotel room, and more. Additional facilities like laundry services, grocery delivery and our wellness website PS Life makes business travel more comfortable.

Family Travel

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to get a few days away with family throughout the year. Travelling with children can be stressful and families want to make their little ones feel as comfortable as possible when out of their normal routine. Instead of cramming families into hotel rooms with little to no additional facilities, families are opting for more comfortable accommodation. Serviced apartments offer more space than hotel rooms, ideal for all of the baggage that comes with family travel. The in-suite kitchen means you can prepare, cook and store the food your family loves anytime, day or night. You can save money by preparing packed lunches for the little ones and the convenience of storing baby bottles or food is ideal.


Which kind of accommodation do you look for when you’re relocating into or out of a new city? You’ll need somewhere comfortable, spacious and with additional facilities so you can make yourself at home. Experience Dublin like a local when you choose PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments in Dublin as your relocation accommodation. Whether you need a place to stay for a couple of nights between housing or need a longer-term solution while waiting for renovations to finish, our suites offer the facilities, comfort and space you need to enjoy a home-from-home feeling. There is plenty of storage, so you don’t need to worry about travelling light. We’re also within walking distance of many of the top things to do in Dublin so you can get to know your new surroundings.

Value for Money

It’s no secret, travel isn’t cheap. From airfares to accommodation, there is no such thing as cheap travel anymore, especially with the surge in demand caused by travel restrictions. These days, travellers are looking for more bang for their buck, demanding better value for money from their accommodation. When compared to Airbnb and traditional hotel stays, serviced apartments offer much better value for money per square meter. Additional facilities like the kitchen, living space and in-suite laundry facilities at no extra charge allow for additional savings. Our accommodation in Dublin offers long-stay and corporate discounts to our guests, exclusively when you book on our website or with one of our team.

A Modern Way to Travel

Serviced apartments have created a better way to stay for all types of traveller. No matter why you’re coming to Dublin, we offer a fresh perspective on tourist accommodation. Combining the best of both worlds, we offer a fantastic corporate experience with additional facilities which are much needed by families and leisure travellers, all while maintaining the same high standards. Our serviced apartments offer a homely feel from the moment you step in the door giving travellers a flexible lifestyle feel and excellent value for money. Serviced apartments are not a new concept but a growing market in Dublin and beyond and a clear choice when it comes to comfort and value.

Book a stay in PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments and experience a new way of travel. Our best available rates are available exclusively when you book direct.


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