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Best Takeaways In The City

If you’re looking for the ultimate list of where to eat in Dublin, it doesn’t exist. There are hundreds of fantastic places to eat each bringing something different to the table; far too many to be contained by a single list. Sometimes, all you want is a delicious meal without the hassle of leaving the house. Lucky for you most of the best restaurants in Dublin have takeaway options. When you choose centrally located accommodation like PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments in Dublin, you have your pick of the best of the best restaurants, cafes, and takeaways. Here are some of our favourites.


Chinese food is very popular in Dublin, but much of it is not authentic. Ireland has a very special relationship with Chinese food but not the kind you’d ever find in China! Our Westernised version is stodgy, beige and delicious with delicacies such as chicken balls, 3in1’s, spice bags and the most beloved of all, curry sauce. Each community and area in Dublin has a different ‘best Chinese takeaway’ but we’re lucky to have the wonderful Kites Chinese close to our serviced apartments in Ballsbridge. They are a more authentic version of a typical Chinese takeaway but have all of the usual dishes on the menu too.


Pizza is comfort food and there is nothing like enjoying a delicious takeaway pizza in the comfort of your home from home after a long day at work. Like Chinese, there are so many preferences when it comes to pizza, it’s hard to narrow it down. Some prefer deep dish others like thin crust, some like white pizza while others go for extra tomato and cheese. Many pizza lovers in Dublin agree that one of the best all-rounders for takeaway pizza is Base. With a couple of branches in the southern suburbs, Base is a consistently good pie with a great variety of toppings and dipping sauces to pair with your cheesy feast.

Fish & Chips

Potato is one of the main food groups in Ireland. It’s a stereotype we lean into, providing potatoes in a variety of ways, most notably in the form of chips. Colloquially known as a chipper, many local chip shops are run Italian-Irish families with high-quality fish & chips, burgers, fried chicken and if you’re lucky pizza and pasta too. Frequented by many famous faces, notable Bono, Snoop Dogg and Bruce Springsteen, Burdocks is known as one of the finest chip shops in Ireland with branches dotted around the city. Embassy Grill Café is a great local option for takeaway fish & chips in Ballsbridge, especially after enjoying a social drink with friends or attending a match in RDS.


A popular option for those wanting a healthy and delicious meal without the effort of cooking, Thai food has plenty of delicious and moderately nutritious options. One of the popular names in Thai food in Ireland is Saba to Go. A Thai and Vietnamese takeaway with three locations in South Dublin, they offer a variety of noodle, curry and wok dishes with paleo, vegan and meal deals to suit every appetite. They deliver right to the door of our serviced apartments in Ballsbridge, and you can enjoy your meal using cutlery and plates from the fully equipped kitchen. You can even store your leftovers in the fridge for tomorrow.


Indian food is popular in Dublin, despite being a country with little tolerance for hot or spicy food. You’ll find different genres of Indian food from Southern specialities to more western versions of popular dishes. There are some excellent Indian restaurants in the city that offer fresh deliveries across Dublin. Pickle, a gourmet dining experience trading from a beautiful space on Camden Street, is an excellent option to spoil yourself. Doolally is another great option for classic regional fare. There are more local and less expensive options in Diwali Restaurant or Ravi’s Kitchen in Ballsbridge feeding the community for 20 years and counting.

No matter what cuisine you crave, there is an option for you in Dublin. We’ve just explored the tip of the iceberg with our takeaway guide and would love to hear more about the gems you’ve found during your stay. Make a reservation to stay in our accommodation in Ballsbridge on our website to enjoy our best available rates, guaranteed.

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