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Student Relocation

Starting Uni in a new city is difficult. Not only do you have to get to grips with coursework and deadlines, you also have to fit in socially and find some new friends to hang out with. Add to that sharing student digs with a bunch of strangers with different ideas of boundaries and cleanliness can make a very stressful start to the semester. With student accommodation at a premium and good quality shared houses few and far between, what’s the best option for student accommodation in Birmingham?  PREMIER SUITES offer student apartments in Birmingham for serious students who want to focus on their studies and enjoy the privacy and convenience of a home-from-home.


Long public transport commutes every morning and evening are not usually not high on the list of desirable features for student accommodation. Choosing a central Birmingham location for the academic year means more time spent studying and enjoying the city and less time waiting for buses in the rain. Birmingham City University is a 15-minute walk from our student accommodation in Birmingham and South & City College Digbeth Campus is less than 10 minute’s walk. When you choose a central location, you’ll also enjoy the convenience of having shops, malls, pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes on your doorstep. Spend your weekend browsing galleries and museums, getting to know your new home from home.


Many of us remember the fun and madness that happened within Uni digs in our day but that sort of chaotic environment doesn’t suit everyone. Serious and mature students need something a little more stable and a little less messy when it comes to student accommodation. Choosing a serviced apartment in our Dean Street student accommodation gives you the best possible chance of being a successful student. We offer privacy and calm that shared accommodation can’t. You only clean up your own mess, you don’t have to worry about labelling food in the fridge and you can come home as late or as early as you like without disturbing others. Our housekeeping team will come and service your suite at a time that is convenient for you, ensuring total and complete privacy for your stay.

High Standards

Another issue with student accommodation, especially when it’s shared, is the lack of high standards, or any standards in some cases! We’ve often seen pictures of cramped, dirty accommodations, overcrowded and often too damp to be safe. When you choose our accommodation in Birmingham, you’re choosing our high standards. We set the highest standards for health, safety, and security throughout our portfolio of properties. Our reception team are there to answer questions day or night, either in person or by phone. We have certifications from many major accommodation provisors ensuring our high standards are upheld.


It’s the little things that make PREMIER SUITES Birmingham stand out as superior student accommodation in Birmingham. Aside from our high standards in cleanliness, safety and security, we offer additional facilities to help you feel at home. Forget lugging bags of groceries through town and up the stairs. Our grocery delivery service is ideal for busy students who want to have brain food on hand at all times. Each suite has a fully equipped kitchen, for your exclusive use, alongside laundry washing and drying facilities. No more taking bags of dirty clothes home to Mum at the weekend! Guests enjoy complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the property, ideal to keep up to date with your studies, your friends, or your favourite reality TV show.


While a serviced apartment may not appear to be the cheapest option as a home for the academic year, there are lots of hidden ways you’ll save money. The kitchen is fully equipped so you can prepare the meals you want when you want them, saving hundreds per month on restaurant and café bills. We also have laundry facilities save you money on dry cleaning and laundrette bills. Our suites come in one and two-bedroom options so you can share with a like-minded peer and split the cost. In the middle of energy and cost of living crises, you’ll be happy to know all utilities and bills are included in the cost of your overnight stay including internet, heat, water and property tax.

Contact our team directly to ensure you’re getting the very best rate for your student accommodation in Birmingham. We look forward to hosting you and wish you a successful academic year.


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