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Start 2024 On The Right Foot

With the magic of Christmas a distant memory, it’s time to start planning for a positive and productive 2024. Extreme New Year’s resolutions usually fade in the first few weeks of the year but it’s not a bad idea to start the new year on the right foot. Whether it’s the resolution to work less and travel more, lose a little weight or improve your fitness, starting 2024 well will help you have a better year. Making small changes every day will help you to become a fitter, healthier, more balanced person, no matter what area of your life you want to change. If your resolution involves travel, fitness or keeping trim, PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments in Reading can help

Travel More

Travel should be on everyone’s list this year – especially travelling for leisure or combining your business trip with some fun activities. Travel contributes to a happier more fulfilled life. by broadening your horizons and allowing you to experience new cultures. Reading should be on everyone’s travel list for 2024. We have an exciting year of events in the town which include educational seminars, festivals and family-friendly activities. As a hub for business, the town is always on the go but there are many museums and shows so you can enjoy your business trip. PREMIER SUITES offers comfortable, conveniently located accommodation in the heart of the town, ideal for business and leisure guests.

Stay Active

Starting the year with a punishing exercise regimen after the over-indulgence of Christmas might feel like a good idea. However, the time and energy commitment of a strict regime might not be sustainable for normal life. Adding exercise into your daily life doesn’t have to be painful. Small changes like upping your step count or fitting in one more workout a week will have a big impact in the long term. If you’re a guest at PREMIER SUITES, don’t worry about forgoing your routine. We offer exclusive discounts for the Gym group, located a couple of minutes’ walk away from PREMIER SUITES Reading. If you’d prefer to stay outdoors we can help with bikes, running maps, and routes to walk along the Thames, Kennet, and Avon Canal

Eat Well

After eating whenever and whatever we like over Christmas, dieting might actually seem like something to look forward to in January! However, research shows that over 80% of diets eventually fail and might result in increased body weight over a longer period. Consider a more balanced diet in 2024, focusing on eating a little less processed and carb/sugar-filled food, and more on eating whole foods like meat and vegetables. Each suite in our accommodation In Reading has a fully equipped kitchen and living space so you can prepare, cook, store and enjoy healthy meals, anytime. It’s not all doom and gloom, save money with one of our discounted healthy restaurant partners in Reading if you don’t feel like cooking.


Focusing on self-care should be above all else this year. Self-care shouldn’t just be a priority when we feel overwhelmed or close to burnout. Self-care should be a part of every day in small ways, taking care of your body and mind with whatever it needs. You can’t pour from an empty cup so make sure your mental and physical health is as good as it can be so you can focus on work and home life. Self-care looks different to everyone. For some it’s spending a day of pampering in a spa enjoying treatments, for others it’s a healthy meal and an early night – whatever works for you. 

If your 2024 plans involve staying at PREMIER SUITES serviced apartment accommodation in Reading, it’s easy to keep up your well-being resolutions. Life at PREMIER SUITES is a dedicated website focused on the wellness of our guests and includes healthy recipes, in-suite exercise, and meditation as well as tips on enjoying your stay to its fullest. Book your stay on our website and enjoy our lowest rates guaranteed.

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