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Solo Travel

Travelling alone can be daunting, especially in a new, unfamiliar city. Dublin is a safe city but taking small extra precautions when travelling alone will give you, and your family at home, greater peace of mind. We recognise that while both women and men are concerned with safety and comfort while travelling, women see it as more of a priority. Choosing accommodation in popular, brightly lit areas with providers that care about the safety of its solo guests will help. PREMIER SUITES have a dedicated SOLO Travel programme for use by lone female guests, whether you are here on business or corporate travel.


Our SOLO Travel programme has been designed to improve the guest experience for women who travel alone. We are happy to comfortably accommodate lone guests and our team are always on hand for anything you might need. Some policies within SOLO Travel by PREMIER SUITES include;


      • To ensure your safety and comfort, every apartment door is fitted with secondary locks on large heavy self-closing doors. This helps with both security and fire safety within the building.

      • To ensure privacy at check-in, we discreetly hand you your room details and make sure to never say your room number out loud.

      • Where possible, we will assign your apartment on a higher floor, avoiding the end of corridors and fire exits. In the very unlikely case that you feel uncomfortable in the corridor or in your suite, you will be surrounded by fellow guests.

      • If requested, a team member will walk you to your apartments, assist with your luggage and take time to ensure you are comfortable with the location, facilities, and services of your accommodation.

      • Where possible, and if needed by the guest, car parking spaces will be allocated near the entrance, in well-lit areas.

      • We will always identify ourselves when knocking on your door, whether that’s for housekeeping service or delivering something to your room. We recommend you do not open your door to anyone you do not recognise and use the peephole in the door to be certain.

      • Our friendly reception team are on hand to help with any concerns you may have. Aside from help, we can help to give directions, organise transport or stop for a friendly chat if you’d like.

    Tips for SOLO Travel in Dublin

    Dublin is generally a very safe city. Visitors are advised to take the same precautions against pickpocketing and petty crime that they would in any big city but overall, it’s a fun and interesting city to visit for business or leisure. Some tips for making the most of your solo visit to Dublin include;

    Choose the right accommodation. Choose a reputable branded hotel in a popular area. There are hundreds of cheaper alternatives like shared rooms and Airbnb but there is no cost that is worth your peace of mind. Consider transport links from your chosen accommodation also.

    Know where you’re going, or at least pretend to. Our team are on hand to give you directions on a physical map or show you on a digital map where you are going. We can recommend public transport to get you there and back quicker.

    If you feel uncomfortable, ask for help. We are a very friendly nation with truly kind locals. Ask someone who looks confident for directions or to help you and you’re likely to be greeted by a warm smile and some local advice.

    As with every city in the world, wandering around intoxicated is not recommended. If you’re drinking with locals and generally do not drink a lot, try not to get caught in a round of drinks that doesn’t suit you. Try to plan a route home before you enjoy a drink.

    Museums, Galleries, shopping malls, parks, pubs, restaurants and so many other places in Dublin are welcoming to solo travellers. You’ll likely find someone to talk to whether it’s a fellow lone traveller or a neighbour enjoying a pint in a local pub. Don’t be shy, we love to chat and give recommendations on how to enjoy the real Dublin. Choose PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments in Ballsbridge as your safe, comfortable, and convenient accommodation in Dublin. Let us know if you are travelling alone so we can allocate you the most suitable room.


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