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Hidden Gems Of Antwerp

When it comes to city escapes, a trip to Antwerp has to be on your list. Antwerp is noted as Belgium’s capital of fashion, entertainment, and much more. Enjoy a coffee in your room at PREMIER SUITES Antwerp before seeing what this magical city has to offer. Immerse yourself in a rich culture, eat the very finest chocolates, and explore fashion stores and the famous diamond district. Looking for something different on your trip? Well, the most beautiful and quiet places are best hidden. We have selected some hidden gems for you where it is nice and quiet and where the locals prefer to spend their time.


This secret alley is located behind an unsuspecting doorway in the very heart of the city center dating back to 1951. As you wander through the maze of little passageways and courtyards, it feels as though you have journeyed back in time to the 16th century. Originally built by shoemakers, this little gem is an oasis of calm with its ivy-clad houses, the atmosphere is intimate and idyllic. You will find the most unique antique shops, art galleries, and the exclusive restaurant Sir Anthony Van Dyck. Even if you are in Antwerp for just one day – a trip to Vlaeykensgang will be one to remember.

Elfde Gebod

The Elfde Gebod is definitely by far, Antwerp’s most extraordinary bar. This hidden gem is translated into English as the ‘11th Commandment’ and can be found in the most obvious place, in the shadows of the 123-meter Antwerp Cathedral. This culinary pub is surrounded by saint and angel statues, pulpits, and many more heavenly sacrilegious visuals. While you’re there enjoy some of Antwerp’s delicious local Belgian cuisine and course the beer! The bar has an enormous variety of famous beers from local breweries.

Conscience Library

Located in the city center, the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library has been collecting and safeguarding Flemish cultural material for over five centuries. The library is named after Flemish writer Hendrik Conscience, whose statute adorns the library. The building dates back to 1481, browse over 1.5 million items. The beautiful Nottebohm Room, which is exclusively exposed to the public during exhibitions and lectures, is the highlight.

The ‘Lijnwaadmarkt‘ and The ‘Melkmarkt‘

If you walk around the Cathedral of Our Lady you come to the pleasant ‘Melkmarkt‘ where locals love to stay and enjoy the terraces. The famous jazz cafe De Muze plays live jazz and gives the ‘Melkmarkt‘ something charming with an artistic character. What so many tourists don’t know is that the most beautiful view of the cathedral is just around the corner from the ‘Melkmarkt‘, on the ‘Lijnwaadmarkt‘. A picturesque place with a chocolate bar where you can enjoy delicious Belgian chocolate. Enjoy some sweets on the terrace, with a beautiful view of the cathedral. Every Saturday there is also an antique market here which you can visit.

The Beguinage

A hidden piece of history in the middle of the city that often many people don’t know about. A quiet spot is hidden in the side streets of the city center, next to the vibrant university district. Enjoy a stroll through the beautiful courtyard garden and orchard, between the cottages of the 16th-century Beguinage and St. Catherine’s Church and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Book your city break with PREMIER SUITES Antwerp and uncover all the hidden gems the city has to offer. Our best available rates are exclusively available on our official website.


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