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Antwerp, city of diamonds!

Why is Antwerp the diamond city in the world?

For more than 570 years, Antwerp has been the world’s diamond trading center. The city has the best diamond setters and craftsmen in the world.  Not only does the city occupy a leading position in terms of quality, also 84% of the world’s rough diamonds passes through Antwerp first. This is because Antwerp has the best connections with the largest diamond mines in the world.  Indeed, 5% of Belgian exports are currently diamonds.

The diamond district

The diamond district is the place in the city where this trade is centralised. All streets are situated around the city’s beautiful Central Station. You can find one jeweller next to another and they all present diamonds in their own way. It is a mixture of different cultures in which especially the Jewish and Indian cultures have a large share. That’s why you will also find the best Jewish and Indian restaurants in town in this area.

Antwerp’s Most Brilliant

The label Antwerp’s Most Brilliant is a quality brand for diamond merchants in Antwerp that guarantees the quality for consumers. It goes without saying that a jeweller must meet strict quality requirements in order to obtain this label. Kiwa, an independent, accredited audit and control organisation will determine, on the basis of 9 criteria, which jewellers will receive the Antwerp’s Most Brilliant label. The label must be renewed every 2 years. At this moment there are 23 jewellers in Antwerp that are allowed to display this label at their front door.

What should you pay attention to if you want to buy diamonds in Antwerp?

Around the central station in Antwerp, you will find many physical shops that offer high discounts. However, the final price you get there is often much higher than when you buy from a diamond dealer who has access to the source, such as BNT Diamonds. With a direct line to diamond cutters such as in Surat, India, BNT Diamonds resolutely chooses to eliminate all intermediaries and additional costs. This way you get the best possible price for the value of your diamond.

Moreover, some classic jewellers around the diamond district offer synthetic or treated diamonds. Be sure to check for the GIA certificate when you buy diamonds in Antwerp. Only natural and untreated diamonds of high quality are suitable as investment diamonds of course. BNT Diamonds dissociates itself from these practices.


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