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A culinary guide in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a vibrant city that has a lot to offer, this large offer can be seen in various ways. One of those ways is the large selection on a culinary level. In every corner of the city there is something that suits everyone’s preference. So do not be afraid that there will be nothing you would like.

Restaurant Dim Sum:

Just around the corner of the hotel, you will find the famous Rotterdam-Chinatown within walking distance. It goes without saying that there are more than enough delicious Asian occasions here. The restaurant Dim Sum is recommended in this beautiful cultural street. This restaurant is filled with many delicious dishes from the Chinese kitchen, prepared and presented very nicely.

Restaurant Bazar

Another beautiful street in Rotterdam is the Witte de Wit street. As one of the busiest streets in the city, it will not be a moment without life. But there are also many opportunities here for good food. First of all there is the Bazar, The colorful tables, the eye-catching lights and the cheerful music are reminiscent of a busy market at a distant holiday destination. Most dishes on their menu come from the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Soul Sista

A few meters away from Bazar is the Korean wok restaurant Seoul Sista. This restaurant has a very interactive concept. As a visitor you can prepare the food yourself on a whim. Different types of meat, fish and vegetables belong to this.

In Rotterdam we also have several well-known food spots for Italian dishes. With especially different types of pasta and pizza on the menus. Three spots which are very well known and can be recommended are Vapiano, Happy Italy and Very Italian pizza (VIP). These three are all located around the Markthal, but the nice thing about Vapiano is that there is one located right across the street from PREMIER SUITES PLUS Rotterdam.

The market hall

The market hall is the Rotterdam food hall that offers anything and everything in the field of food. With lots of different nuts, fish, meat but also a wine bar there is something for everyone. But also delicious snacks such as donuts and moreover, a Jamie Olivier restaurant. All these things make the market hall a place you’ll certainly have to visit.

For some nice hamburgers and American like ambiance, please visit the Breakaway bar on the Weena. This bar covers the American burger/bar theme quite nicely. The menu has a nice variety in burgers, which will be prepared on the spot and will give you a fulfilled feeling afterwards. When u want to go to another spot for nice burgers, just across the street from Breakaway is Jamie’s Diner. This is also a burger spot from the famous Jamie Oliver. And also across from the Breakaway there is an All You Can Eat sushi restaurant.

How nice is it that all of these spots are not further than 5 minutes walking from the hotel!


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