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5 hidden gems of Amsterdam

As such a walkable city and one of the most visited in all of Europe, it’s hard to believe there would still be hidden gems in Amsterdam to discover. The best way to stumble across some of these treasures in the wild is to head out on foot, with no plan and no map and see where your instinct takes you. If you’d prefer to know where you’re going, follow our guide to five of the best hidden gems in Amsterdam. Before you add to your list of things to do in Amsterdam, book the ideal accommodation. PREMIER SUITES Amsterdam offers convenient, comfortable serviced apartment accommodation in Amsterdam for all types of guest from corporate travellers to family-friendly stays.

  1. De Gooyer Windmill

Many tourists travel to The Netherlands and expect to see fields of tulips and windmills from the moment they land but Amsterdam is a built-up city with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. However, you can still see a picture-perfect windmill right here in the city centre! Towering over the Brouwerij ’t IJ brewery (another hidden gem) is the iconic De Gooyer Windmill. De Gooyer Windmill hugs a corner of the island where people on boats cruise by so you can imagine the views and the picture opportunities from this beautiful landmark. Stroll along the canals and you might find it yourself or take a tour of Amsterdam by boat to see the biggest windmill in Amsterdam from the water.

  1. Dappermarkt

Markets are a big part of life in Amsterdam and some are more popular than others. Located in Amsterdam East and often missed by tourists (and even locals!), Dappermarkt is an award-winning experience voted one of the best markets in The Netherlands. This low-cost area of the city attracts newcomers to Amsterdam, people from Suriname, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. The items sold here reflect the clientele and sellers, hardworking, honest and exotic. Farmers sell their organic produce at low rates, florists always have great deals and the fresh snacks on offer are the best we’ve tasted. Make sure to try some traditional Dutch snacks like kibbling (fried cod) and poffertjes (mini Dutch pancakes with powdered sugar). 

  1. Karthuizerhof

Private gardens are all over Amsterdam and are a part of life for locals. They’re known as hofjes and are lush, serene courtyards surrounded by plant life where people can sit, read and relax. They’re not often advertised to tourists but some are a little more lenient to respectful visitors. Karthuizerhof is one of these historical courtyards and is truly a haven of quiet in an otherwise busy city. Dating from the 1960s, it used to be a medieval monastery for widows and single mothers and is now a place of tranquillity and peace for all.

  1. Sarphatipark

If you’ve done any research on Amsterdam you’ll have read about the trendy De Pijp neighbourhood. It’s Amsterdam’s most bohemian area with some of the best-dressed youth in all of the city. Sarphatipark embodies the same characteristics as De Pijp. It’s a place where locals and visitors take their delicious snacks from the nearby Albery Cuyp Market and picnic in the sun or stroll around admiring the bridges and ponds. It’s a great place to people watch and you’ll see people from all walks of life enjoying this lovely green space. Most tourists gravitate towards, a beautiful but busy city park, but Sarphatipark is where the local Amsterdammers can go to avoid the tourists. 

  1. Houseboat Museum

You’ll notice a lot of colourful and interesting houseboats on your trip to Amsterdam but it’s not often you get the chance to hop into one and discover it from the inside out. Amsterdam’s Houseboat Museum gives you a very unique opportunity to experience life on board a traditional houseboat. The boat is called the Hendrika Maria, a former cargo ship from 1914 which has been refurbished into a cosy home where visitors can poke around, asking all of the burning questions you’re sure to have about this way of life. Afterwards, relax in the retro armchairs and enjoy tea and cake.

Add our hidden gems to your list of things to do in Amsterdam and explore the city like a local. Our team would be happy to recommend tourist attractions and other lesser-known spots of Amsterdam too, just ask!


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