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5 handy travel apps when travelling to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an ideal destination to create a holiday feeling close to home with a city trip. It is absolutely a must do to visit the beautiful city of Amsterdam. You can very impulsively go there by car or train because it’s close by, easy! Moreover, a trip to the Dutch capital doesn’t have to cost a lot of money at all because it has enough landmarks to explore. Romantic canals, beautifully preserved facades and historic buildings which together form a beautiful picturesque environment.


The capital of the tulips is truly a vibrant city where you will definitely find lots of activities during all seasons. It is a mix of cultures and you will be overwhelmed with the many kinds of shops and showcases. Anything is possible in Amsterdam and you’re going to be amazed by all the special things you see. You can spend a whole day in the charming city without planning the whole day. Just walking around and discovering the city is an experience in itself. All the sights and numerous museums are also within walking distance.


Whether you like to visit the famous ‘9 streets‘ for shopping, want to taste some cheese or prefer a boat trip on the canals of Amsterdam, there will be something for all tastes! The easiest way to explore a new city is to use your smartphone. We’ve listed some useful travel apps for your trip to Amsterdam.




This is the go-to app for public transport in the Netherlands with the fastest options to plan your routes. Do you only want specific travel information about Amsterdam? In that case GVB is the perfect app to transport you in real time in the busy city by tram, bus, metro or ferry.


The Pont ferry


The time of the ferry as it is on the dock and all departure and final destinations at hand! Includes a countdown timer that tells you when your ferry leaves. Very useful if you like to take a boat trip on the canals.


The Rain Radar


Especially if you stay in the city for more than a few days, there is a good chance that you will get a rain shower. To prevent your day from being ruined by getting very wet while cycling or walking, this app ‘Buienradar‘ will keep you up to date on any showers live.

Nothing worse than having to walk for the rest of the day in wet clothes!


I Amsterdam City Guide


weCity and Amsterdam – The map, two apps that are highly recommended when exploring Amsterdam for the first time. Although a paper map is nice, these apps are very useful to show you exactly where you are. Not only will you be able to see all the sights clearly marked, but you’ll also get high quality reading information.

They also keep you informed about exhibitions, markets, concerts, nice restaurants and other fun must do’s. A free guide on your phone!




Would you like to go to Amsterdam by your own car but would you like to park your car as close to the city centre as possible? This is possible with Sharemypark, a reliable and free app that maps parking spaces for you. As close to your destination as possible, even in major cities. You will be offered exclusive parking spaces for rent from locals, among others, which you can rent for a few hours, a day, several days,… without having to keep an eye on a parking meter.

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