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The International horticulture Floriade exhibition

Aside from being a promising year for life events, holidays and catching up, 2022 is extra special in Amsterdam. This year, we welcome back the International Horticultural Exhibition Floriade for the first time in 10 years! From the 14th of April until the 9th of October 2022, you can enjoy flowers, plants, vegetables and fruits in park-like surroundings in the Dutch horticultural exposition in Almere, close to Amsterdam. It will be the 23rd AIPH world horticultural exhibition and the seventh Floriade held in the Netherlands. It’s expected to be a very busy time for visitors.

What is the Floriade

You’d be forgiven if this was your first time hearing about the Floriade. It’s of special interest to horticulturists, flower enthusiasts and commercial & home gardeners and growers. Every 10 years, many of the horticultural greats gather to display and discuss their passion, from technicians to home gardeners. During the opening period of Floriade Expo 2022, you can enjoy the most beautiful flowers you may not come across naturally. Experts from all over the world come together at Floriade to present green solutions that make our cities more enjoyable, beautiful and sustainable. 

Growing Green Cities

The theme this year, ‘Growing Green Cities’ sees more than 400 local and international participants showcase their latest innovations and solutions, each making our world a little greener. Enjoy displays from large scale operations from vertical gardens and solar roof tiles to the best way to prune your tomatoes or how to produce the largest veggie yield you’ve ever seen. Floriade inspires you to live greener and healthier and makes gardening and sustainability seem a little more accessible to all. Be amazed at the expo which aims to make our cities more sustainable and liveable.

Enjoy Abundance

Besides all of the inspiring innovation and interesting ideas, you can also enjoy the natural abundance on the site. Visit the beautiful flowering gardens, enjoying the scent and colour of plants and flowers you may have never seen before. Explore the arboretum taking in the heritage and wonder of one of our most valuable resources. They have a varied art and culture programme for visitors to enjoy, leaving you feeling inspired and ready to improve your own lifestyle. A range of restaurants, food trucks and tastings will offer local products, healthy snacks and meals. Enjoy exciting and delicious dishes prepared by top chefs and enjoyed in beautiful surroundings. After a day at the Expo, you will go home relaxed, inspired, and full of the joy of the natural world.

Cable Car

For a unique and interesting view of Floriade, hop in the 850-metre-long cable car and travel quickly between the southern and northern parts of the Floriade park. Relax and take in a bird’s eye view of the plants, flowers, trees and displays from a height of 35 metres above. Aside from being quick and simple, the idea is to test the potential of urban cable cars as a sustainable means of transport while offering users a feast for the eyes.

Floriade Pass

Whether you are planning to visit for a few hours or make the most of this once a decade event, getting a Floriade Pass is essential. With the Floriade Pass, you have unlimited access to Floriade Expo 2022, something many people wish they could visit. You can visit the park as often as you like and discover the numerous pavilions, enjoy the variety in the art and culture programme, see how the greenery changes throughout the seasons and admire the park from above on the cable car during each visit. We can’t think of a better way to spend our free time during the spring and summer months than enjoying the natural beauty of our world and the innovation of our people. Prices start from €79 per adult and €55 for children.


Accommodation in Amsterdam

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