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Sustainability At PREMIER SUITES Reading

Sustainability has become a more popular conversation topic both in our daily lives and by the government. The UK are making strides to reduce our carbon footprint like enforcing Clean Air Zones in major cities, investing in prioritising public awareness and the UK has pledged to cut its emissions as a country by 80% by 2050. As a business PREMIER SUITES Reading is also doing our best to become a more sustainable choice for travellers who care about travelling with less impact on the environment. We have put some important changes in place that contribute to lowering our carbon footprint. Some of these changes include;

We have an appointed Litter Picker every day. One of our employees from our housekeeping or wider team regularly surveys the property to ensure there is no litter which can be picked up by the wind or swept into the town’s waterways.

We are doing our part to green our building and space, despite being in the heart of Reading. Our herb garden in the courtyard encourages guests to cook at home, reducing food waste. We have also established a bug hotel and encourage as many residents as possible!

After the bike scheme in the town went into administration, we recycled some of their discarded bikes. We now have six bikes and helmets for guests to use at their leisure, reducing the number of private car journeys and encouraging exercise. Staff can also borrow these bikes when they’re not in use so they can get to and from work, reducing their usual carbon footprint.

Within our suites, we have reduced the number of pillows and towels available for use. Guest can of course still use additional towels which are stored in storage bags within the suite. Not having them easily available has reduced the laundry we need to complete every day saving thousands of gallons of water.

We often provide fresh drinking water for guests upon check-in. We have changed from plastic bottles of water, which are more difficult to recycle, to tin cans. Tin can be recycled an infinite number of times and is a much more environmentally friendly material than plastic.

As well as encouraging the separation of waste within our suites and by our team, we’ve extended recycling facilities to our reception areas for both staff and guests to use. Outside we use a BIFFA recycling bin to separate glass, plastic, paper, food, metal, card, or wood. Our waste disposal suppliers are certified and trusted to uphold the highest environmental standards.

Our suites use LED lighting throughout. An LED light bulb has the longest lifespan of all the bulb options, it’s more energy efficient and reduces the need for replacement as frequently. Many of our lights are on timers and are only used as needed.

We believe educating people and giving them the option to make informed environmental decisions is the key to a greener Britain. We encourage our guests to save energy, water, lights, heating and more, ensuring that they unplug before they leave. We make it easy for guests and staff to do the right thing for our environment.

We have cut down on disposables and signage throughout the property. We use QR codes rather than printing for guest information. We provide email billing and invoices instead of printing receipts – but of course, we can still print if needed.

We’ve been awarded Bronze with Green Tourism, an independent body that certifies levels of sustainability within the tourism industry. As part of our hard work to improve our score to gold, we have a monthly sustainability focus group. We welcome suggestions from guests and staff on becoming a more sustainable and green-friendly accommodation option in Reading.

As part of becoming a better business for our community and giving back to our neighbours, we Work with New Beginnings, a charity for food waste. We take donations from guests of sealed and unused food items, donating them to local families and people in need. PREMIER SUITES also support Beyond the Moon as a group.

Make the right decision when booking Reading accommodation. Our excellent facilities, friendly team, convenient location and great value are not the only reasons to choose PREMIER SUITES Serviced apartments in Reading. Work with us to improve our green score during your stay. Your little changes will make a big difference.

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