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Rotterdam or Amsterdam which city suits you better?

That’s as difficult as asking if you prefer tea or coffee! Each has its benefits depending on your needs and they can be enjoyed at different times for different reasons. Both cities are worth visiting and spending time in, enjoying culture, architecture, and history. Depending on your purpose of travel, you might prefer one over another. Amsterdam is older and more picturesque but there is an abundance of tourists. Rotterdam is modern and vibrant with fewer popular attractions and is lesser known to tourists. PREMIER SUITES Rotterdam is the ideal serviced apartment accommodation in Rotterdam and close to the main train station so you can easily explore both cities and decide for yourself which you prefer!

Amsterdam vs. Rotterdam

The cities are alike in some ways and very different in others. Both Amsterdam and Rotterdam are vibrant and diverse cities in the Netherlands, each with its own unique charm. Amsterdam is known for its picturesque canals, historic architecture, world-class museums, and vibrant cultural scene. It’s a popular destination for tourists and has a lively nightlife. On the other hand, Rotterdam is a modern, innovative city with beautiful contemporary architecture, the busiest port in Europe, and a rich cultural and culinary scene. It’s also known for its diverse population and strong international connections. Both cities are worth visiting but deciding between them depends on your personal preferences. They’re just over an hour apart on the train making each a great day trip from the other.


Both cities have amazing architecture, but they are opposites. Before World War II, Rotterdam was well-known for its medieval architecture, but during air raids in the 1940s, the city was essentially levelled to the ground. Rotterdam was later rebuilt with more modern design standards, which led to the construction of its current iconic skyline and attractions such as the Cube Houses. Rotterdam is one of the most interesting places to discover modern architecture. Impressive buildings include the Erasmus Bridge, Euromast and the Maastoren.

While Amsterdam has certainly evolved in modern times, its city centre has remained relatively unchanged since the 17th Century. The famous canal belt was designed over this time and is now a recognised UNESCO heritage site. There is more modern architecture on the edges of the city in the more industrial parts of the region. Notable architecture includes Trippenhuis, Museum Van Loon and Westerkerk.


Nightlife in both of the largest cities in the Netherlands is excellent although the choice is bigger in Amsterdam. It’s hard to compare them as the scenes are very different each with something exciting and unique to offer. Amsterdam has a lot more clubs, pubs, and concert venues than Rotterdam, likely due to its size and the size of its tourism industry, Rotterdam and Amsterdam locals tend to gravitate toward less commercial and more underground venues outside of the city centre. Smaller, more local pubs that are hidden in plain sight are more popular than pubs in city centre locations or near train stations. Live music and local talent are popular in both locations, you just have to know where to look!


While it doesn’t much matter to a tourist what the cost of living is like for a weekend in the Netherlands, those who spend a lot of time here or are thinking of moving may wish to compare. The cost of living in Amsterdam is considerably higher than the rest of the Netherlands. The popularity of the city, the scarceness of quality, good value accommodation and the price of goods and services are substantially higher in Amsterdam when compared to the trendy second city of the Netherlands. The bike-friendly culture in both cities reduces transport costs and visitors are welcome to join the eco-friendly culture – although do be careful the cycle tracks are fast and busy!

If you enjoy history, art and a more traditional European city vibe, Amsterdam is likely a good choice for you. If a multicultural atmosphere, a fast-paced urban environment and modern architecture better suit your taste, Rotterdam is for you. Both cities have a lot to offer so it’s best to explore both and see which you prefer. Quality, spacious accommodation is easy in Rotterdam when you choose to stay in PREMIER SUITES. Our best available rates are exclusively available on our website. We also have a sister property in Amsterdam so you can easily move between the two cities with a guarantee of trusted high-standard accommodation.



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