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Our top 5 Typical Dutch foods that you must try!

Can you name a better way to get to know a city’s culture than by trying some of its food? It’s true
that Dutch cuisine does not have the distinct taste, flavour or reputation as say, Thai, French or
Japanese food has, but there are so many unusual and unique Dutch foods that you should seek out
on your trip to Rotterdam. Many Dutch foods are parts of meals or snacks so you can travel around
enjoying as many as you like before dinner. We love to enjoy life with a nice hot plate of homemade
stew, a savoury snack, or something sweet with a coffee and there is something tasty for everyone.
Here are some of our favourites


If you’ve never tried this delicious meaty snack, make it your mission on your next trip to Rotterdam.
They are deep-fried, crispy meatballs often served with a mustard dipping sauce. Inside the crispy
golden breadcrumb, there is a very thick stew, thickened with roux or stock and allowed to harden
before deep frying. It’s a delicious Dutch pre-dinner snack that’s often found on the menu in many
bars and restaurants. They’re ideal as a snack with you’re a couple of local beers or while waiting for
your meal. They truly are the ultimate Dutch pub snack.
Bitterballen in Rotterdam: Try BitterballenBar where you can enjoy a great selection of flavours
including Vegan and Vegetarian options


Stamppot means “mash pot” and that’s precisely what it is. It’s a comfort food of the Netherlands where root vegetables are mixed with mashed potatoes, topped with smoky sausages and sometimes served with gravy, depending on taste. The vegetables typically used in this mix are kale, endive, cabbage, carrot, or sauerkraut. As children, many Dutch people looked forward to (or dreaded) Stamppot every day as it regularly featured as an afterschool dinner and was often made
with leftovers from previous dinners. It’s a staple in wintertime providing a warm, nutritional meal. Stamppot in Rotterdam: Try Captain’s Cabin near Het Park for lots of traditional Dutch dishes including Stamppot.


If you’ve done any sort of research about Dutch cuisine, you’ve likely heard of Dutch pancakes. Our pancakes are different from any other type; They’re thinner than thick American pancakes but thicker than the French ones. They’re eaten sweet and savoury and often served for dinner instead of breakfast, unlike other countries. You can top them with syrup, chocolate, fruit or jam for a sweet snack or cheese, bacon and other savoury goodies if you don’t have a sweet tooth. The most popular type of pancake are poffertjes, fluffy little round pancakes, often served with butter and powdered
sugar and usually found at street markets. Pannenkoeken in Rotterdam: Pannenkoekenboot serves pancakes on a boat with a view of the Nieuwe Maas River. Beautiful!


While it’s not exclusive to The Netherlands, apple pie is really popular here. We do not claim to have invented this magnificent dessert staple, but evidence of Dutch apple pies goes back to the 1500s. Dutch apple pies often have crumbly streusel toppings while American apple pies use regular pie crust. We often add cinnamon, raisins and sometimes walnuts to our apple pie and serve it with whipped cream or ice cream. There is no better apple pie than your own family recipe but restaurants and cafes in Rotterdam have plenty worth a try. Appeltaart in Rotterdam: Dudok is a good choice for apple pie but you can try making your own with simple ingredients in your serviced apartment in Rotterdam


 The famous stroopwafel (syrup waffle) is easily the most famous Dutch treat. If you have only one sweet treat on your visit, let it be this. Two thin waffles are stuck together with a layer of sweet syrup for a sticky, delicious treat with coffee or tea. Supermarkets sell all sorts of stroopwafels but freshly baked, hot stroopwafels cannot be beaten. Leave yours on top of a cup of coffee for a minute or so to steam and soften before tucking in. Stroopwafel in Rotterdam: Didi’s Stroopwafels is a renowned cafe where you can customise your snack to suit your taste.
We recommend having one there and buying one for later to enjoy in your home from home, PREMIER SUITES Rotterdam.
Plan a trip to Rotterdam to enjoy a food tour with a difference. You can book our best available rates and exclusive special offers on our website, guaranteed.
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