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Pet-Friendly Accommodation in Dublin

While travelling for a longer term for business or leisure might sound exciting, there are so many things we miss about home. We might be leaving our families, our routines, and our comforts to work, study or relocate to a new place leaving us feeling displaced and out of sorts. One thing you don’t have to miss the next time you travel to Dublin for 7 nights or more, is your pet. PREMIER SUITES Dublin has a new pet-friendly package allowing you and your furry friend to explore the sights and sounds of Dublin together. No more worry about pet sitters or kennels when your best friend can join you!

Why Bring Your Pets?

Did you know domestic pets suffer from separation anxiety like humans do? When your pet is separated from their caregiver, who is usually the focus of all of their love and attention, they don’t understand why. They might grieve for their owners and become distressed. They have no way of knowing if or when you’re coming back. If you’re away for more than 7 days, it might be easier to check your pet into a kennel or cattery while you’re away instead of relying on neighbours, but kennels can be very upsetting for family pets. They’re trapped in small cages with little space for comfort or exercise and often share with other animals that they are unfamiliar with. Kennels can lead to changes in an animal’s personality and illnesses they would not have come into contact with otherwise.

PREMIER SUITES Pet-Friendly Accommodation in Dublin

PREMIER SUITES Dublin extends a warm welcome to all guests, including your beloved pets. Bring your furry friend along for a stay of 7 nights or more, and rest assured they’ll be treated like family throughout their visit. To ensure the comfort and cleanliness of our accommodations for all guests, a cleaning fee of €500 will be added to the cost of your reservation to cover deep cleaning procedures. Join us for an extended getaway where both you and your pet can relax and unwind in our pet-friendly environment. This package is only available when you book directly on our website or with one of our team.

Dublin with Dogs

Dogs are the most frequent non-human guests we welcome in our pet-friendly accommodation in Dublin. Dublin is becoming a really dog-friendly city, and not just for service dogs. Bars, restaurants, cafes, pubs and public spaces are welcoming to well-behaved dogs of all shapes and sizes, and some even encourage them with water bowls and treats! Puppachinos are served in many coffee shops and some cinemas even have dog-friendly screenings! Close to our pet-friendly accommodation in Dublin, several spots are more than happy to welcome your furry friend.

The Orange Goat, a six-minute stroll from our serviced apartments in Ballsbridge, offers indoor dog-friendly seating as well as outdoor covered seating so you can decide based on the weather. The café is beloved among locals serving delicious homemade food and Cloudpicker coffee, the ideal stop for your morning walk. Water bowls are provided and they even have doggie treats and chicken available for your pup.

If you fancy an after-work drink or to catch up with friends, The Old Spot is popular with locals and tourists who come for the welcoming atmosphere, relaxed vibe and good food. They have a great menu selection and a wide range of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails hand-chosen to suit the season and your taste. Dogs are only allowed in the front bar so be sure to ask for a table here when bringing man’s best friend.

Local Parks in Dublin

While you’re here, check out the local parks and entertain tour doggy with lots of new sights and sounds to discover. Close to our accommodation in Ballsbridge, we are lucky to have the beautiful Herbert Park, a short walk across the main road. There is plenty of space to explore and get your steps in with your furry friend. As the park is busy with children and people relaxing or playing sports, all dogs must be leashed. If you want a beautiful open space where your madra can stretch their legs, Phoenix Park, on the North Side of Dublin, is a great spot. The rolling hills and wide open spaces are ideal for your dog to run around, play fetch or practice their recall.

We don’t just welcome dogs to our pet-friendly accommodation – well-behaved animals of all shapes and sizes are welcome. Book our pet-friendly package on our website or by calling or emailing our team.

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