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Net Zero In Glasgow

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our lifetime, and one with potentially devastating implications for all sectors of society. It’s time that individuals and businesses did our part to act against the impending collapse of our environment, taking responsibility for our actions and making changes for the better. Glasgow has released its Climate Plan in response to the Climate and Ecological Emergency. The Glasgow business community have taken a big role in driving the UK’s transition to a net-zero future while launching a groundbreaking report from the British Chambers of Commerce. At PREMIER SUITES we are committed to playing our part in reducing our carbon footprint with real and measurable changes.

Glasgow as a Green City

A climate emergency was declared in Glasgow in 2019, prompting a commitment to make the city net zero by 2030. The council cannot fund or manage the entire project alone and is calling on outside investment to make their ambitions a reality. Glasgow City Council has announced plans to create a specialist team to support its net zero ambitions. The team will develop the council’s relationship with private sector partners that might be able to support investment in climate projects. There is around £40 billion in investment needed to ensure these ambitions can be met, something that the team will be responsible for securing. Initiatives on the table for discussion to spend this large sum are local heating networks, energy efficiency for buildings, renewable energy projects and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Glasgow Council have been in touch with other successful funding campaigns like Bristol City Council and the Greater London Authority for advice and guidance.

Green Innovation Challenge

As a result of this call for help from Glasgow Council, the city’s business community are taking the lead on Glasgow’s ambition for net Zero. They have release a report containing clear and realistic recommendations to accelerate the UK’s transition to net zero. They’re calling on the government for clear and consistent messaging from to support these changes giving a holistic approach across all industries. The report’s recommendations include establishing a new public body dedicated to overseeing core climate policies and resources for the independent Climate Change Committee. The report has been launched ahead of the Congress of Business on the 14th of May, which will be part of Glasgow Climate Week alongside All Energy the UK’s largest renewable energy conference.
The full report is available to read on the British Chambers of Commerce Website

Green Tourism Glasgow

While we’re a small cog in the machine that contributes to Glasgow’s carbon footprint, PREMIER SUITES are aware of our impact and we’re making small changes to the way we work which we hope will add up to a big impact. We are accredited by Green Tourism, a sustainability certification programme. Green Tourism promotes greener ways for businesses and organisations to operate offering advice and guidance on reducing energy use, saving water, eco-friendly waste disposal, ethical buying, promoting biodiversity and more. We’re working on improving our score to reduce our impact and offer guests of Glasgow a greener alternative for accommodation when they visit.

Small Changes

We’ve put some small changes in place that enhance guests stay while reducing our properties impact on the environment.

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