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What you need to know about the LEZ – Low Emission Zone in Antwerp

Did you know the entire city centre of Antwerp and Linkeroever is a Low Emission Zone (LEZ)? It’s important for visitors to note this if they are travelling overland or via private car so that you can follow the rules and avoid a fine. Since 2020 the rules have become stricter, banning cars with the highest emissions from the city and keeping the air in the city a little cleaner.

PREMIER SUITES PLUS Antwerp is perfectly placed beside the main train station and within walking distance of most of the most popular tourist spots in the city so you won’t need your car while exploring. In case you need to travel by car, can park in the Diamond Parking at a discounted rate. This parking is managed by an external company and is adjacent to our building.

What is the need for a Low Emission Zone?

After an evaluation of the air quality in Flanders in 2017, it was decided that something needed to change. One of the main culprits was older, high emission cars, so the City of Antwerp has decided to exclude the most polluting vehicles from the city. Vehicles below a certain EU emission level are not allowed to enter the LEZ without a pass which can be purchased up to 8 times a year. The Low Emission Zone operates every day of the year, including weekends and public holidays. Vehicles parked in the zone but not driving are not subject to LEZ charges for that day. LEZ conditions do not apply to motorbikes because the technology does not support them yet.

How do I know if my car can enter the Lez?

Your vehicle’s Euro norm number – European environmental standard for vehicles- determines whether your vehicle may enter.  The higher the Euro norm, the lower the emissions. Your cars Euro Norm is on your vehicles registrations documents under category V9 “environmental class”. You can take a test Lage-emissiezone Antwerpen to see if your car is allowed to enter. These rules apply to all vehicles – passenger cars, camper vans, delivery vans and lorries, agricultural vehicles and buses including tourist coaches.

What is the positive impact of the Low Emission Zone?

After an evaluation in 2020, it was determined that the LEZ have accelerated the greening of the countries vehicle fleet leading to younger, more eco-friendly cars on the road. Many owners of older diesel cars sold them and upgraded to a second-hand but newer petrol car, a hybrid car or an all-electric vehicle. Because fewer diesel cars and more petrol cars were driving around in the low-emission zone, the emissions of nitrogen oxides and black carbon in the low-emission zones have fallen sharply. The lower emissions have improved air quality. This is especially important as soot is a carcinogenic substance and very harmful to health. Concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) also fell sharply, in both the low-emission zone itself and in the rest of Flanders. Better air quality is positive for the area, the wildlife and all of its inhabitants.

Where is the LEZ?

The Low Emission Zone (LEZ) is the area from the Singel to the Scheldt (inner city, including the Left Bank.  The Singel forms part of the LEZ, with the exception of 3 road sections: 

  • Between Turnhoutsebaan and Stenenbrug/Herentalsebaan in both directions 
  • Between Jan Van Rijswijcklaan and Generaal Lemanstraat in both directions 
  • Between exit South and Colonel Silvertolaan for traffic heading for Kiel 

This prevents drivers from entering the LEZ directly from the motorway.

Alternatives to Driving in Antwerp

Antwerp is not a large city. Many of the main tourist attractions, pubs, clubs, restaurants and shopping areas are within walking or biking distance of each other, especially when you stay in our central suites. Another way of getting around the city is on the trams and buses of De Lijn. You could also treat yourself to a Waterbus ride from Hemiksem to Steenplein and back. Ask our staff if you need help with directions or how to get there.

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