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EV-Charging Points

Sustainability is not just a buzzword in PREMIER SUITES Glasgow. As part of our company ethos, we are committed to making our serviced apartment accommodation in Glasgow as sustainable as possible by implementing measurable changes to the way we work. We are constantly reviewing our processes and procedures to ensure waste is minimised and energy is conserved throughout the property. We are delighted to see the addition of a Low Emission Zone in Glasgow this year and the introduction of more electric vehicle chargers throughout the city, including nearby on Bath Street. Bring your electric car and book your stay in PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments in Glasgow for a low-impact stay you’ll really enjoy.

Sustainable Accommodation in Glasgow

Did you know that PREMIER SUITES Glasgow has been certified by Green Tourism? We are working hard to improve our bronze rating with this recognised and respected agency whose aim is to reduce the impact of hospitality businesses on our environment. We educate our team on being as conscious as possible during their day-to-day operations and encourage energy conservation, recycling, a reduction in waste production and the use of chemicals. Our procedures are reviewed frequently, and our team are briefed on any improvements. We only use responsible suppliers and reputable waste management companies so whatever refuse we produce is treated in the most responsible manner. We are committed to improving our sustainability score without impacting the quality of our service.

How Can Guests Help?

There are many small ways that guests can contribute to our sustainability efforts in our serviced apartments in Glasgow. Reducing the waste that you bring into the accommodation is a big help. Refusing an extra bag when out enjoying the excellent shopping in Glasgow or bringing a refillable bottle will help. We ask that guests be mindful of energy usage, switching off air conditioning and lights when they leave. Conserving water by switching off the taps while washing dishes or brushing your teeth has a bigger positive impact than you’d imagine. We also encourage guests to eat and shop locally in independent businesses and opt for public transport over cars where possible.

Glasgow’s Low-Emission Zone

Glasgow is taking action against the rising global temperature by introducing a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in the city. After testing, Glasgow City Council has said “nitrogen dioxide levels recorded in the city centre” do not meet legal requirements. From June 2023, entry to the Low Emission Zone by polluting vehicles is restricted. From 1st June this year, most petrol and diesel vehicles entering Glasgow city centre will need to comply with LEZ restrictions. Fully electric vehicles are exempt from these restrictions as they have zero emissions. Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone will affect the entire city centre of Glasgow which includes the entire area surrounded by the M8 but not the M8 itself. PREMIER SUITES Glasgow is located with the LEZ.

EV Charging Points Nearby

With the rise in popularity of electric vehicles comes a rise in the demand for electric car charging. There are hundreds of car charging stations in Glasgow and more if you are travelling from outside the city. As of December 2022, the council installed 334 live charge points across 173 units for public use in Glasgow, more than any other Scottish Authority, including off-street hubs and 16 ‘Rapid’ units that will charge most vehicles 80% in approximately 30 minutes. There are also private companies that are expanding with dozens of points in and around the city. There are three EV charging stations on Bath Street, all less than a 5-minute drive from our serviced apartment accommodation in Glasgow. Charge rates vary and are set by the charge point owner, not the council and can vary quite a lot. We recommend checking the rates for the machine before connecting your vehicle.

Did you know that PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments in Glasgow offer our best available rates and discounts exclusively when you book directly? Making a reservation is easy. Simply book online using our website or call one of our friendly team. We’d be happy to point you toward the closest EV charging point during your stay or tell you more about our sustainability efforts. We look forward to welcoming you to Glasgow.


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