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Best Running Routes in Dublin

With many of us confined within our counties this year and gyms and fitness centres closed, we’ve had to be creative with exercise. Many people have taken up running and discovered new parks, green spaces and routes that they probably wouldn’t have before. Dublin is a great city for running and jogging with much to see along the way –no jog is ever boring here! We also have a huge variety of city routes, urban parks and gorgeous coastline to explore. Here are some of the best running routes in Dublin. 

Benefits of Running

There are so many types of exercise, with something to suit every body and ability. We love running as it’s one of the only forms of exercise that needs little to no training, no equipment and gives you the chance to explore Dublin on foot. The physical benefits of running include strengthening bones and muscles, greater cardiovascular fitness, weight loss or control, lower cholesterol and strengthening of the heart and lungs. Mental benefits include better control of your mood, reduction of anxiety and stress and a better quality of sleep. Exercise releases happy hormones which act as mood boosters and natural endorphins and best of all, it’s free! 

Parks in Dublin 

As a capital city, we are lucky to have a decent amount of green space. We have one of the most beautiful parks in the country on our door step in Leeson Street. Stephens Green offers everything you need from a great running route, a good location, plenty of space to stretch your legs on a circuit and some gorgeous surroundings to keep you entertained along the way. We’re a short drive from Phoenix Park, Europe’s largest walled park, where you can run, walk or cycle for miles without interruption. There are many smaller parks dotted across the city where you can run laps or use as a destination for your run, picking up a coffee or enjoying a rest before you turn back. 


Dublin is a thriving city so it can be hard to believe we have so much beautiful coastline a short distance from the city. Dublin coast is a mixed bag of cliff walks, beautiful sandy beaches, populated piers and secluded walkways. A run along the coast is a great way to get to know the area while enjoying views across the Irish Sea. For a run leading to a popular Dublin landmark, map a route toward the iconic red and white striped chimneys of Pigeon House or the beautiful Poolbeg Lighthouse closeby. It’s about an hour run or jog there and back and you should bring your camera to take some gorgeous shots.

City Running 

If your favourite way to explore a place is by foot, planning a city run will kill two birds with one stone. We have mapped our favourite city run, perfect for a sunny morning jogor a leisurely after-work wind down. Leave PREMIER SUITES Leeson Street and turn left, heading for Stephens Green, follow a straight run toward the River Liffey in the centre of the city, crossing at Sean O Casey bridge, turning right and following its path. Run past Samuel Beckett Bridge and cross back to the south side of Dublin via Tom Clarke Bridge. Run by the river, through Ringsend and past Shelbourne Park, following the canal until you return home to Leeson Street. This 6.5km run should take you approx. 1 hour and 20 minutes at a moderate pace. 

PS Life

Did you know that PREMIER SUITES have a wellness programme and website called PS Life? We encourage our guests to take great care of themselves while staying with us and have created guides to make it as easy as possible. PS Life not only has some excellent running and jogging routes in the area, we have also included yoga and mobility guidance, resistance exercises and guided meditation videos. We also have a great selection of healthy recipes with ingredients you can find in your local supermarket, to prove that healthy eating certainly isn’t boring. 

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