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5 Best Apps to Get the Most Out of Your Time in Glasgow

The huge developments in technology over the past few decades have made our lives so much easier, especially when it comes to travelling. These days you can find an app for almost everything, from flights and accommodation in the United Kingdom to restaurant recommendations and transport. If you’ve planned a trip to Scotland’s super second city, here are our pick of apps to make your life a little easier.


While not exclusively a ‘Glasgow App’, Uber does make our lives a lot easier, especially if you plan to travel outside of the city or late at night after public transport has finished for the evening. While our serviced apartments in Glasgow are ideally located in the busy George Square, Uber is your safe and reliable way home from wherever you end up. You can hail a taxi from anywhere for a fraction of the cost of a black cab and if you’re lucky you’ll get a friendly local with plenty of local knowledge and tips! Just like Uber is an alternative to taxis, your ideal accommodation in Glasgow, PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments are a great alternative to a traditional hotel stay.

Spotted by Locals

Spotted by Locals are a company dedicated to combatting commercial tourism and promoting the lesser-known places to visit in specific cities. You can buy an app for your chosen city and will have access to a wealth of recommendations about where you’re visiting all handpicked by local people. They want to ensure each traveller sees the city from a local’s perspective and don’t focus on the tourist traps or ‘highlights’ of the city. It’s a great way to discover some hidden gems while avoiding crowds of camera-wielding tourists. The app is also available offline so no need to run up expensive data bills.

Glasgow Live

The Glasgow Live App is a handy one to have both as a local and a tourist. It keeps you up to date with the latest breaking news and essential updates on traffic, travel, and weather. Keeping an eye on the app means you can avoid roadworks, rainstorms and make sure you know about all the latest events in the city, so you don’t miss a beat. It also gives recommendations on the best restaurants, bars, and clubs while you’re in town. The app has a very handy customisable feature, so you only get the news and events you actually want to see.

Scotland’s pubs and bars – a story to tell

It goes without saying that Scotland’s pubs and bars are a great place to drink & dine, meet some friendly locals and learn more about this gorgeous country. Each of our bars and pubs has its own story to tell, some from ancient history and others set in a modern world. Scotland’s Pubs and Bars App not only shows you the wealth of Scottish pubs in your area, it also shares the fascinating stories behind them. The stories are varied and eclectic and range from myth and mystery to famous patrons. The app is free so you can share your stories with fellow patrons and friends at minimal cost!

Glasgow offline Map

While Glasgow is relatively easy to navigate once you’re familiar with it, you’ll need a map to navigate your way around for the first few days. Traditional maps have become a nuisance and these days it’s so much easier to take out your smartphone and be directed from door to door. Unfortunately, usual map apps take a lot of data and battery life, both of which are valuable when travelling. Tripwolf have developed a fantastic app that not only lets you navigate offline; you can also take recommendations about where to visit and dine in Glasgow too! 

Accommodation in the United Kingdom is easy to find, but it’s not always affordable or of good quality. If you’re looking for accommodation in a serviced apartment in the heart of Glasgow that offers fantastic value, PREMIER SUITES Glasgow is your best bet. We offer many more facilities than a traditional hotel stay and guarantee our best available rate when you book direct.

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