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St James Park Stadium Tours

Football has been a part of Newcastle for as far back as anyone can remember. Newcastle United Football Club was officially formed in1892 but there were unofficial teams and games for many years before then. St James Park, the teams home ground, rises to the occasion making up an important part of the Newcastle skyline and the culture of our city. There are fixtures year-round in James Park and not just in football. Stadium tours are popular with visitors and locals alike and are a great way to see behind the scenes of Newcastle United and learn more about the city. Book your stay in nearby PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments in Newcastle and enjoy a football-filled trip.

History and Development of St James Park

St. James’ Park is one of the oldest association football grounds in the country. Historically, a hospital and chapel named St. James’ stood nearby and the area continued to develop to where the football ground now stands. The first organised football match on the site was in 1880, a full 12 years before the official formation of Newcastle United.  Fast-forward to the first match on the site St James site in 1880 and it’s easy to see why the ground immediately became known as St. James’ Park. The city’s heavyweight clubs, Newcastle East End and West End FC, merged and formally took up residence at St. James’ Park in 1892 eventually becoming Newcastle United. The ground’s first major development work took place in 1899 resulting in a 30,000-seater stadium. Just six years later in 1905, it was doubled to 60,000 with a state-of-the-art venue which had a swimming pool. Two decades later, floodlight pylons were erected and the first floodlit game at the stadium was in February 1953.

Construction of the current stadium, a behemoth of glass and steel and an iconic part of the Newcastle skyline was completed in the year 2000 at a reported cost of £43m. The recent refurbishment took the stadium’s seating capacity north of 52,000 and gave St. James’ Park the famous silhouette we know today. modernisation has continued around the ground, helping to maintain St. James’ Park’s reputation as one of the greatest arenas in world football.

St James Park Stadium Tours

St James Park stadium tours capture the rich history of the magnificent stadium and gives visitors and locals insight into the team, its players and the area. Their specially designed location boards and the squad of knowledgeable tour guides will give you a deeper understanding of the club and its proud heritage. Walk in the footsteps of your sporting heroes, through the same tunnel they walked or sit in the seats where they celebrated, commiserated and more in the dressing room. You will also be taken to one of the highest points of the stadium where you will hear the roar of the crowd as you are led out to the Magpie’s view of St. James’ Park. You can also book autism-friendly tours or rooftop tours where you’ll have an amazing view of the city and the stadium 150m in the air.

Fixtures in St James Park

Newcastle United have a busy schedule of matches between mid-August to the following May with weekly fixtures to look forward to. The next fixture at these hallowed grounds is on 17th February 2024 against Bournemouth, Wolverhampton Wanderers on 2nd March and West Ham United on 30th March. Fixtures and events found on the official website

Besides club football, St James’ Park has also been used for international football, at the 2012 Olympics, for the rugby league Magic Weekend, rugby union World Cup, Premiership and England Test matches, charity football events, rock concerts, and as a set for film and reality television.

Accommodation in Newcastle on match days can be difficult. With less than 10 minutes between our serviced apartments in Newcastle and the home of the Toon Army, PREMIER SUITES is an ideal choice. Perfect for groups, couples, solos and families, our comfortable spacious accommodation in the heart of Newcastle is ideal for matches and stadium tours. Book using our official website for our lowest rates, guaranteed.

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