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New Year Goals

With 2023 about to end, it’s time to start planning your New Year’s resolutions for 2024. At PREMIER SUITES, we believe everyone deserves a little of what they fancy and don’t encourage huge changes like crash diets or excessive exercise. Small changes, sustained over time, will have more lasting results than a few weeks of sticking to an extreme resolution. Many people want to save money, get fit or travel more as their resolution and all of this is possible with the help of PREMIER SUITES. While you’re on the road for business or leisure, we make it easy to stick to resolutions, so you’re not off track once you get back to your usual routine. Set realistic New Year’s goals this year and reap the benefits long after January.

Get Fit

Getting fit and moving more is a goal that almost everyone can benefit from. While some people are happy with their level of activity, many others could do with a little more movement. Start slowly without overdoing it, like walking to work instead of driving or joining a gym with a guided exercise class that is customised to your fitness level. When you’re staying in PREMIER SUITES accommodation in Dublin, we’ll be happy to recommend local gyms and fitness centres you can enjoy during your stay so you can keep up with your goals. There are dozens of great walks and hikes around Dublin to enjoy and if the weather is bad, use the guided strength and conditioning videos with fitness instructor Ronan Mee on our wellness website Life at PREMIER SUITES for an in-suite class that’s sure to get you charged up.

Eat Healthy

It’s not always easy to mind what you eat when you’re travelling, and sometimes you don’t want to! If you’re staying for a longer term, booking accommodation in Dublin that has a kitchen is important to encourage your new healthy eating goals for 2024. Every suite in our serviced apartment accommodation in Dublin has a fully equipped kitchen and we offer a grocery delivery service so you can make the most of it. Order a selection of healthy favourites and store, cook, and enjoy the food you want, when you want it. If you need inspiration, use Life at PREMIER SUITES for a variety of healthy recipes with instructions, all for free. Our team are also happy to recommend healthy restaurants in the local area if you don’t feel like cooking.

Travel More

Our busy lives can often leave us feeling stuck in a rut. You might feel like you’re not living life to the fullest and exploring new places is a great solution. If your New Year’s resolution is to travel more, we’re right behind you! PREMIER SUITES have properties in Dublin, in 9 locations in major cities in the UK, one in Belgium and two in The Netherlands. Our suites guarantee the same high standards across the board, giving you the same excellent experience every time. Our suites are always conveniently located in the heart of its respective city, making exploring there very easy. If you can’t decide where to go next, the PREMIER SUITES website gives a great overview and informative blogs about what to do in each location. You’ll always find our best rates when you book directly.


After a busy year, your mind might be working overtime. Maybe you can’t sleep at night because your mind is racing. Don’t bring those feelings into 2024. Try some guided meditation to help you clear a busy mind and allow yourself to switch off. If you need a helping hand or aren’t sure where to start, Life at PREMIER SUITES has some excellent videos to help you along. Using the Calm app, you can jump into a short meditation, building up your concentration and focus as you go along. Meditation can improve your sleep, lower anxiety, and help you to manage stress better. The best part is, that meditation can be done anywhere from your serviced apartment to the bus on your way to work, wherever you need it!

Save Money

After the indulgence of Christmas, we might not have a choice but to try to spend less and save more for 2024! That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a treat. If you’re still planning to travel, make sure you’re always getting the best available rate by booking directly with PREMIER SUITES. There are dozens of free things to do in Dublin like walks in the park or by the sea, free galleries and museums and lots of historic landmarks to cross off your Dublin bucket list. Our team would be happy to point out some free things to do in Dublin or recommend great-value restaurants. You can also cook your own meals in the fully equipped kitchen, saving on restaurant bills.

Put a trip to Dublin on your New Year’s Resolution list this year. Always book direct for our best available rates, guaranteed.

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