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National Tulip Day In The Netherlands

When you think of Amsterdam, there are a few things that come to mind, quirky coffee shops, art galleries, museums, red-light districts, canals and its national flower–tulips. Typically, on the third Saturday of January, thousands of people from all across the globe come to enjoy the beautiful Keukenhof tulip garden and explore the tulip fields just 30 minutes outside the centre of Amsterdam, to celebrate National Tulip Day. This year will mark the 11th year that National Tulip Day will be held in the country. Visitors are allowed to pick tulips for free in a specially designed tulip pick-up garden. There will be around 200.000 tulips in the free garden. Read more to learn about the history of the Dutch relationship with tulips.

How did tulips come to the Netherlands?

Derived from the Persian word for turban, tulips are bulbous spring flowering plants that are from the lily family. They are a vibrant bold colour, cup shapes and are exceptionally symmetrical. Did you know? Despite the country’s love and respect for the flower, tulips did not originate in the Netherlands. They originally came from the Tien Shan mountain ranges in Central Asia, they were unique and rare plants that Western Europe became fascinated by. So, tulips were introduced in the Netherlands at the end of the 16th Century.

At the beginning of the 17th Century, tulips had become besotted by everyone, and everyone wanted the flower to be part of their garden decoration. They soon became a major trading product in Holland and many locations across Europe and were being sold for incredibly high prices – for references, the flower was said to have cost ten times more than a working man’s average salary in the Netherlands, more valuable than their homes alone! There was such a huge demand for the flower, that between 1596 and 1598, over a hundred bulbs were stolen from the Carolus Clusius’( the man responsible for the tulip recognition in the Netherlands) garden in Leiden, this event was called Tulpenmanie meaning “Tulip Mania”.

Tulips in the Netherlands – Today

Less frantic than Tulpenmanie, tulips are still extremely popular in the Netherlands today and are celebrated at both, National Tulip Day (the third Saturday of January) and festivals, (Amsterdam Tulip Festival, 23 March – 14 May 2023). Millions of both locals and tourists, visit the Netherlands’ most popular tulip destination, Keukenhof to marvel at the gardens in Lisse ( 30 minutes from Amsterdam). If you are visiting Amsterdam in April, you will see more than 850,000 colours and distinctive tulips that can be viewed from the garden of museums, private homes and other parts scattered in Amsterdam. The Netherlands is the world’s largest commercial producer of tulips, with around three billion exported each year. So while you are visiting be sure, to take a walk or cycle around the garden or take a tour to learn more about the history.

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